Metrology Pressure Sensors

These pressure sensors are ideal for use in a vast range of metrology applications.

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LMK458 ballast tank level sensor
Ballast Tank Level Sensor | LMK458

0-40 cmH2O up to 0-200 mH2O
From £686.50
Pi600B Atmospheric Barometric Pressure Sensor
Barometric / Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

750-1250mbar Absolute
From £225
Baroli 02 Battery Powered Digital Pressure Sensor With Display Air Pressure Gauge
Digital Pressure Sensor with Display

0-100mbar up to 0-600bar
From £309.50
Digital Dynamic Pressure Sensor Pa600-USB-FQ
Digital Dynamic Pressure Sensor
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0-500mbar up to 0-700bar
From £535
P600FD Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer
Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

0-4bar up to 0-400bar
From £237.50
P600HT High Temperature Pressure Sensor
High Temperature Pressure Sensor | 250ºC

0-10bar up to 0-400bar
From £504
Hydrostatic water level sensor LMK306
Hydrostatic Water Level Sensor | Ø17mm | LMK306

Ranges: 0-6mH2O up to 0-200mH2O
From £479
Pa600 Industrial Pressure Sensor
Industrial Pressure Sensor | Pa600
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0-500mbar up to 0-700bar
From £88.50
PR3202 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensor
Low Differential Pressure Sensor | Dry/Dry | Low DP Transmitter | PR3202

0-0.25mbar up to 0-1000mbar
ATEX Pressure Sensor
From £282
Pi600DD Pressure Sensor with Display
Pressure Sensor with Display

0-50mbar up to 0-700bar
From £368.50
Sewage Level Sensor HART®Communication | LMK382H

0-60 cmH2O up to 0-200 mH2O
From £741.50
LMK487 slim ballast tank level sensor
Slim Ballast Tank Level Sensor | LMK487

0-1 mH2O up to 0-100 mH2O
From £681
Stainless Steel Level Sensor | Flush Probe | LMK307

0-4mWG up to 0-250mWG
From £281.50
Submersible Depth Sensor
Submersible Depth Sensor | 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V | Pa993
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0-0.5mWG up to 0-100mWG
From £295
Ta993 submersible temperature sensor
Submersible Temperature Sensor | Ta993
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-30 to +85°C
From £180
Subsea Pressure Sensor Pa600SS
Subsea Pressure Sensor | Pa600SS

0-1bar up to 0-700bar
From £397
USB Pressure Sensor
USB Pressure Sensor
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0-500mbar up to 0-700bar
From £395
LMK382 wastewater level sensor
Wastewater Level Sensor | LMK382 | Sewage Probe

0-40 cmH2O up to 0-200 mH2O
From £479
Water Tank Level Sensor LMP307
Water Tank Level Sensor | LMP307
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0-1mH20 up to 0-250mH20
From £318.50
PR3200 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter
Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter | Wet/Wet DP Sensor | PR3200

0-500mbar up to 0-200bar
ATEX Pressure Sensor
From £452

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