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“I have finally found a company that knows what they are talking about and do as they promise.  Many thanks to all at Applied Measurements but Simon in particular for his patience (one year from initial enquiry to order must be a record).”

Bill Neill, Control Engineering Soluions, 7/Mar/2019

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“For our new larger mast range with large head loads we needed an instrument with a higher range up to 500kg and in a hurry, so that’s how we decided upon your product.”

Gwyn Evans, Clark Masts Systems Limited, 22/Jan/2016

Read why Gwyn chose us.

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“We have been working with Applied for more than 20 years and our customers have been enjoying the three Qs, i.e. Quality in equipment, Quality in Support and Quality in Services! Applied have managed to make themselves better and better over time!”

Paris Xystris, NEOTEK OE P. XYSTRIS & Co, Athens – Greece, 4/Mar/2015

Applied Measurements supported this activity with guidance on material choice and dimensioning as well as fixing and calibrating strain gauges and amplifiers.

Dr James McNaughton, University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science, 14/June/2021 Case Study Review Dual Axis Force and Torque Sensor DBBSS June 14, 2021

Accurate measurement of the position of the piston is essential, which is why we chose the P60 industrial draw-wire sensor,

Jon Willis, Crofton Beam Engines, 13th Jan 2020. Read the full case study Industrial Low Range Draw Wire Displacement Sensor | P60 January 29, 2020

We choose to use Applied Measurements pressure transducers on our machines due to the reliability and competitive pricing. For us they are a fit and forget part.

Mark Hobday, Technical Development Engineer, Curtis Assemble & Test Limited, 3/Oct/2019 Read the Case Study Pressure Transducers October 3, 2019

We have now received our order and as expected are very happy with the product and service from Applied Measurements.

David Kay, Projects Engineer, Quay Brake Testing Ltd, 8th Nov 2018, Email Review Load Cells November 9, 2018

The high speed, reliability and clean output of the ICA4H miniature amplifier enabled the data to be analysed immediately after each test.

Andy Hall, Director, 4c Engineering, 9th July 2018, Read Andy's Power Take Off Application Miniature Load Cell Amplifier | In-Cell Amplifier | ICA July 16, 2018

We chose the DTD-P torque transducer for its high accuracy and compact size which we needed for tank testing the SeaPower Platform.

Andy Hall, Director, 4c Engineering, 9th July 2018, Read Andy's Power Take Off Application Parallel Shaft Reaction Torque Transducer | DTD-P July 16, 2018

We chose Applied Measurements’ DBBSM s-beam load cells as the pigment is £1000 per tonne so has to be extremely accurate.

Paul Akers, Works Manager, PD Edenhall Ltd, 31/May/2018, Universal Load Cell | Universal S-Beam Force Sensor | DBBSM June 1, 2018

My confidence in their ability to provide a solution for my custom force measuring requirements has resulted in Applied Measurements being my preferred supplier. I would recommend them to anyone looking for not only force measurements but any standard or bespoke measuring devices that they supply.

Gary Sharpe, Safran Electrical & Power UK Ltd, 24/May/2017 Custom Load Cell Design May 24, 2017

Applied Measurements Limited has provided both current and future students enrolled in these modules the opportunity to investigate as well as learn how to calibrate real-life industrial equipment.

Ing. Claire Seguna, Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) – Mechanical Engineering, Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST), 8/Feb/2016 Read how we helped the students at Malta College. load cells February 8, 2016

For our new larger mast range with large head loads we needed an instrument with a higher range up to 500kg and in a hurry, so that’s how we decided upon your product.

Gwyn Evans, Clark Masts Systems Limited, 22/Jan/2016 Read the Case Study Universal Load Cell | Universal S-Beam Force Sensor | DBBSM January 21, 2016

We selected the OBU series load cells from Applied Measurements because they provide us with the accuracy, long term stability and environmental protection that our weighing systems require – at an excellent price.

Mark Thorp, Technical Director at C.F Whaler Ltd, UK, 14/May/2015 OBU single point load cells May 14, 2015

Applied Measurements’ delivery times for both standard and custom-built products are excellent. As is their prompt customer service and technical support.

Davide Pignoli, LEANE International S.r.l. Italy, 30/Apr/2015 Load Cells April 30, 2015

We have used and supplied thousands of Applied Measurement load cells over the last 18 years and the flawless product performance is matched by excellent technical and commercial support, think force accuracy, think AML.

A prominent force measurement company, UK, 26/Feb/2015 Load Cells February 26, 2015

We have worked with Applied Measurements for probably the full 23 years!  We have always found Peter, Darren, Ollie, and everyone else at Applied Measurements to be extremely friendly, reactive, and professional in their approach.  The quality of the instruments and the service is always very good.

Karl Snelling, Managing Director, Global Digital Systems Limited, 26/Feb/2015 Email Load Cells & Customer Service February 26, 2015

The most critical element of the control system is the load transducer pin, it performed flawlessly,

Darcy Mandeno, Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, 09/Nov/2014 Field and Operations Engineer Pin Load Cell | Shear Pin Load Cell | Force Measuring Pin | DBEP November 9, 2014

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