UK Calibration Service for Microtronics BlueForce

Please note: We can no longer offer the BlueForce Smart Upgrades due to the poor availability of the Bluetooth modules. We can still offer the annual re-calibrations and the Microtronics accessories available to buy in our online shop.

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  • We are the ONLY UK Approved Calibration House
  • Re-Calibrate Annually for Reliable Results
  • Express Delivery Available

Gate Force Booking in Form

Microtronics BlueForce Calibration

A sensor’s performance and accuracy will deteriorate over time leading to inaccurate and unreliable results.  For gate impact force testers, this could lead to potential safety concerns to the general public and industry professionals.  For the safe use of power operated doors, forces should be measured in accordance with DHF TS 011-012 (Gates and doors) UK only, EN12453 (Gates and doors), EN16005 (Pedestrian doors) and EN60335-2-95 (Residential garage doors).

Robert Davies – Applied Measurements’ Production Director – knows “it is crucial to get your gate impact force tester re-calibrated every 12 months to guarantee accurate performance, reliability and traceability”.

Why us?

Microtronics Approved UK Calibration House Sticker

We are the only UK approved calibration house able to offer a UK based UKAS traceable calibration service for Microtronics BlueForce and SpeedForce gate impact force testers.

It is vital to have your gate impact force tester calibrated every 12 months to ensure it is working to specification.

How quickly can you calibrate it?

We offer 2 service options for annual re-calibration.  

Service TypeHow LongPrice (ex. VAT)
Standard7 Working Days£165
Express 3 Working Days£210
CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - Upgrade Smart inc. Annual Calibration, inc. NEW Carry Case14 Working DaysX
Prices inc. return delivery to you (UK mainland only)
Please note: During August we are not able to guarantee our usual turn-around times on Gate Force Tester calibrations due to the summer holiday closure of the factory in Italy who authorise each calibration that we undertake.

What do I need to do now?

Download the Calibration Return Form, fill in and send in with your gate force tester and we will contact you as soon as we have received your unit.

Gate Force Booking In Form

What is “Upgrade Smart”?

Please note – this service is temporarily unavailable.

“Upgrade Smart” gives you instant display of the test results to view on your smartphone, tablet or PC (models with built-in USB port only).


Thanks to advanced Bluetooth LE 4.1 wireless technology and NFC technology, simply place your smartphone or tablet on the back of your upgraded BlueForce gate impact force tester.  From here you can view the measurements, graphs and references of the tests. View the Upgrade Smart video below.

Memory capacity is also increased with Upgrade Smart (currently unavailable).  Memory capacity is increased by 60% which means an incredible 80 tests can be stored on the instrument!

Frequently Asked Questions on our Microtronics Calibration Service

How Often Should I have my Gate Impact Force Tester Re-Calibrated?

We recommend that you get your Microtronics gate force tester re-calibrated every 12 months to ensure it keeps working within the required specification.

Where can I buy one, do you sell them?

Yes, we now sell the Microtronics Gate Force Impact Testers, buy the BlueForce Smart Kit here.

I’m a member of the AESIF (Automatic Entrance Systems Installers Federation) do I get a discount?

Yes, please mention this when filling in the calibration return form.

How can I increase the memory capacity on my Microtronics Gate Impact Force Tester?

By having the Upgrade smart hardware and software upgrade, the memory capacity will increase by 60% and the force tester will store up to 80 tests – currently unavailable.

Do you offer any accessories for the Microtronics Force Tester?

Yes, we can offer you Microtronics accessories including carry cases and the straight, vertical and angular extensions. Visit our online shop to see the full range.

My gate impact force tester is broken, can you repair it?

No, we are a calibration house only, we do not repair them. You will need to contact your original supplier who will arrange the repair of the unit.

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