OEM Pressure Sensors – UK Manufactured

OEM Pressure Sensors UK-Made

For precise and reliable OEM pressure sensors to customer-specific requirements with fast scheduled deliveries.

UK Manufactured, Small, Medium and High Volume OEM Pressure Sensors

Applied Measurements design and manufacture precise and reliable OEM pressure sensors to customer-specific requirements with fast scheduled deliveries.

Our expert pressure team can give you low cost, small, medium and high volume OEM pressure sensors.

Plus, we have UK stock holding of component parts and all OEM pressure manufacturing is done in the UK, so we can guarantee you high-quality OEM pressure sensors with just-in-time deliveries.

Flexibility in design and customisation is easy, as all our oem pressure transducers are designed by us here in the UK.

6 Steps to Our Easy OEM Pressure Sensor Service

We strongly believe in making our OEM pressure sensor service as straightforward as possible for you. Read our 6 steps to our OEM pressure sensor design process.

Applied Measurements 6 steps of OEM Pressure Sensors

Step 01 – The Brief

You discuss with us what specifications you need, both electrical and mechanical and when you need them by. Our UK-based pressure design team can offer expert advice, where needed, and discuss your requirements.

Step 02 – The Design

Applied Measurements UK-based expert pressure sensor design team are based on-site, and our OEM pressure sensor design is all done in-house.  We use the latest computer-aided design software (CAD) for fast and accurate up-to-date designs, and as the CAD drawings are all created in-house, referring back to the designs can be done quickly and easily.

Step 03 – The Sample

Before we begin manufacturing, a sample of your OEM pressure transducer will be designed, manufactured and delivered to you for your testing and evaluation.

Step 04 – The Approval

Once you are happy with your sample OEM pressure sensor and have approved the design and specifications, we will begin the manufacture of your OEM pressure sensors.

Step 05 – The Production

We begin the final execution of your approved OEM pressure sensors, tested and calibrated using UKAS traceable equipment.

Manufacturing is done in the UK by our expert pressure sensor team, so we can guarantee high-quality control of all aspects of your production.  We can assure you that your customised product will be thoroughly quality controlled throughout production and before delivery.

Step 06 – The Delivery

Your OEM pressure sensors will be delivered to you within the agreed schedule.

Batch of OEM Pressure Sensors

What are you waiting for?

We can manufacture OEM pressure sensors to your specifications right here in the UK.

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