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As an accompaniment to our wide range of transducers we offer a range of data acquisition hardware and data loggers, along with either standard or customised software that provide any combination of monitoring, control and data logging functionality to suit your specific application.

Customised Software For Data Loggers

Wireless Datalogging T24LOG100 FREE Downloadable Software

T24-Log100 Data Logging Software

ZERO cost to you the FREE wireless T24LOG100 downloadable software is designed to work with ALL the T24 telemetry equipment and give you a powerful data acquisition system.  It is quick and easy to configure and can be customised specifically for you and your application including custom-made reports, personalised logging sequences and bespoke alarm functions for specific channels.  The software allows you to view and log up to 100 channels of data direct to your PC, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

DSCLOG24 Multi-Channel FREE Downloadable Logging Software

DSCLog24 PC-Based Data Logging Software

This free DSCLOG24 downloadable software allows up to 24 channels of data to be viewed, logged and downloaded to a CSV file.  It can be used with our:

  • DCell Miniature Load Cell Digitiser – Designed for use inside the load cell.
  • DSC Load Cell Digitiser – Larger card format designed to convert load cell signals into an RS232 & RS485 output.
  • DSC-USB Load Cell Digitiser – Converts a load cell signal to a USB output direct to your PC via the USB port.

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