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We are proud to say that Applied Measurements is the ONLY UK approved calibration house for Microtronics BlueForce Impact Force Testers.

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Applied Measurements can provide Microtronics BlueForce accessories such as the Straight Extension, Angular Extension and Vertical Extension, plus the pre-formed Carry-Case. 

Please note: The BlueForce Smart tester is only available while stocks last. A new version will soon be released in early 2022.

The BlueForce Smart Impact ForceTester is the advanced version of the internationally recognised BlueForce and SpeedForce Impact Force Testers.  The BlueForce Smart uses state-of-the-art Bluetooth LE 4.1 and NFC Forum Type 4 technology to interface wirelessly with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet and PC, giving you an instant display of the force measurement results.

It is compliant with standards EN12453 (former EN12445)EN16005, EN60335-2-95, ASR A1.7, DHF UK Norms (see website UK), for CE certification of power-operated gates and doors. 

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The Bluetooth LE 4.1 technology uses wireless BLE connectivity to transfer the force measurement results directly to a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or to a PC (Windows OS with BlueForce software) via the plug n go BlueTooth 4.1’ interface (sold separately) or via the USB cable (included).

Using its NFC technology, by placing the smartphone on the back of the force tester, the results are transferred to your smartphone where you can see graphic illustrations of the force measurement tests.

The new BlueForce Smart has an increased memory capacity of 60% from that of its predecessor and is now capable of storing up to 80 measurement tests on a single device.

The BlueForce Smart Impact Force Tester also features a blue LED display and built-in internal clock, allowing for accurate date and time readings of the measurement tests as needed for CE Certification.

The USB port of the allows the connection of the impact force sensor with a PC where you can download and sort the measurement tests. The software stores the date, time and measurement points, plus it provides graphical representations such as trend graphs and generates the force measurement reports.  Plus, the instrument Firmware can be updated via USB.

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