A comprehensive range of load cell and force sensors with capacities ranging from 0-25 grams to 0-3000 tonnes.

These complete systems are supplied with the sensor and instrumentation already calibrated so you can use it right out of the box.

A wide selection of torque sensors and transducers for the measurement of rotary and static torque from 0-0.02Nm to 0-200kNm+.

A broad range of pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters to measure from 0-0.25mbar to 0-3000bar in gauge, absolute, vacuum or differential modes.

Our range of submersible / hydrostatic sensors for measuring the level and depth of liquids. Applications include tanks, vessels, rivers, reservoirs, boreholes, channels and pits.

A select range of of sensors for the measurement of displacement and position including LVDT, draw wire and strain gauge displacement transducers.

Draw wire sensors, string pots or cable extension transducers measure position and displacement. All models in our range have accuracy better than ±0.1%, plus rotary potentiometer and encoder sensing technology.

To support our range of transducers we provide a complete range of analogue and digital instrumentation offering the facility to indicate, display, amplify, condition, transmit, acquire, log and record.

If you require sensors to measure stress, load, force or torque in your motorsport application then we can help...

Occasionally we will discontinue products when better technology becomes available. Here you can find details of items we no longer sell, plus their up-to-date alternatives.