Wireless Telemetry for Load Cells, Strain Gauge Sensors & Transducers

The Applied Measurements T24 range of wireless telemetry instrumentation provides a highly accurate, stable and easy-to-use method of taking precise wireless measurements using any common sensor output including strain gauge bridge, voltage and current signals.

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Wireless telemetry systems can range from a simple single-channel setup with one sensor and a remote display to tens of channels being logged simultaneously as part of a site-wide monitoring programme and anything else in between.
The T24 wireless instrumentation range will work happily with any of the Applied Measurements precision sensors and transducers that we offer and can be supplied as a completely configured and calibrated system which is ready to use straight from the box in the same way as our hard-wired instrumentation systems.  We can also offer the X24 ATEX wireless telemetry instrumentation for hazardous environments.

We can also offer the free downloadable T24LOG100 software which works with any of the T24 telemetry instrumentation.  This software allows you to view and log up to 100 channels of data.

If you require any assistance in selecting the most appropriate T24 wireless telemetry components for your particular system please contact Applied Measurements expert sales team, call us on +44 (0) 1189 817339, or send an email to info@appmeas.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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