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    Frequently Asked Questions


    I have been charged the wrong amount, what do I do?

    Don’t panic, contact our helpful and friendly sales order processing team on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard (debit and credit), unfortunately we do not accept AMEX. If you wish to be put on 30 day credit terms, please let us know when initially ordering. 30 day credit accounts are subject to credit clearance first.

    What currencies can I be billed in?

    We can provide quotations and invoices in GBP, USD and EUR. The payment currency must match the currency used in the quotation and invoice.

    Can I pay in advance?

    Yes we can provide you with a proforma invoice for payment in advance of shipment, just let us know when you initially place the order.

    How will I receive my invoice?

    You will receive your invoice the day of shipping via email to the email address you supplied when you placed the order.


    How often should I have my transducer calibrated?

    We recommend transducers are re-calibrated on an annual basis to ensure they continue to operate within specification.

    Can you calibrate transducers not bought through Applied Measurements?

    Yes we can calibrate transducers and systems provided by other manufacturers.

    Can you provide a UKAS certificate?

    As standard all our products come with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate. Meaning that all our reference equipment has been inspected, evaluated and calibrated by a UKAS accredited laboratory whose own apparatus is traceable to national or international standards. If a full UKAS certificate is required, we can provide a full UKAS certification through our association with the appropriate UKAS-accredited laboratories, speak to our technical sales team when you initially place the order.

    How quickly can you calibrate my transducer?

    We offer 2 levels of service – 3 working day or 10 working day, for a UKAS traceable calibration. See our calibration services page for more details.


    When will my item be delivered?

    We acknowledge all orders by email to the email address given at the time of ordering. The scheduled delivery date for each item is stated on the order acknowledgement.

    What is the turnaround time for a bespoke transducer system?

    A made-to-order system can usually be delivered within 8-10 weeks, as these bespoke systems are made from scratch and do not come from stock.

    How quickly can you deliver a standard stock item?

    Our delivery times are stated on the product pages of the website. Stock items are normally next day delivery, please check your order acknowledgement for the exact delivery date.

    What courier company do you use?

    We use DHL for all shipments UK and DHL or FedEx abroad. You are more than welcome to use your own courier company or collect the goods in person, just let us know when you initially place your order.

    What insurance cover do you have for shipments?

    We use the standard DHL cover. If you need additional cover and insurance please contact us.

    Where do you deliver to?

    UK mainland and non-mainland, EU and the rest of the World.

    What are your delivery charges?

    Deliveries to UK mainland under 20kgs, by 5.30pm next day, are £18, UK non-mainland add £10. For UK deliveries over 20kg please contact us. Alternatively feel free to use your own courier company to arrange collection of your order. For deliveries to EU and rest of the World please contact our sales team for a quotation. Our prices are DDU and only cover transportation costs. They do NOT include any duties or taxes.

    Can I use my own courier company?

    Yes, please let us know when you initially place your order and we will contact you when your goods are ready to collect. Please wait for us to contact you first before booking your courier company to collect.

    Can I collect my order in person?

    Yes, please let us know when you initially place your order that you want to collect your order and we will contact you when it is ready to collect. Please wait for us to contact you first so we can make sure everything is ready for when you arrive.

    Can I have an expedited delivery on my order?

    This may be possible on particular products and orders and dependent on our production schedule. If you need an urgent delivery please contact us as soon as possible and we can look into this for you.

    I need one of the items delivered urgently, can I have a part shipment?

    Yes, if one of your items is available to ship earlier we can ship it separately from the rest of your order. However, you will be charged 2 separate delivery charges.

    Microtronics BlueForce and SpeedForce EN 12445 Impact Force Testers

    Please also see our Microtronics UK Calibration Service Page

    My force tester says calibration out of date?

    The unit will need to be sent in for re-calibration to ensure it provides accurate results and continues to work within specification. Please download and fill in the Gate Force booking in Form and send it in with your device to the address below. As soon as we receive your unit in, we will contact you using the details you provided on the form.

    Applied Measurements Ltd
    Microtronics Calibration Department
    6 Mercury House
    Calleva Park
    RG7 8PN.

    How quickly can you calibrate my gate impact force tester?

    We offer 2 levels of service – 7 working day and 3 working day from receipt of your gate impact force tester. For Smart Upgrade it’s 14 working days.

    What is the carriage charge for returning my gate force tester?

    Return carriage is included free of charge to UK mainland addresses.

    Can you repair my gate force tester?

    Unfortunately not, we are a calibration house only and can only offer calibration of the gate force testers. Repairs can only be carried out in Italy by the manufacturer Microtronics. You will need to contact the company that supplied you the tester originally to discuss their warranty and repair procedure.

    What is “Upgrade Smart PRO”?

    Upgrade Smart PRO delivers the test measurement results via GSM web connectivity directly to any web-connected device. Smart PRO upgrade includes the annual calibration, 1st-year CLOUD subscription and return carriage to the UK mainland. For more information please see our Microtronics Calibration Service Page.

    I want my Microtronics BlueForce/SpeedForce impact force tester calibrated, what do I do now?

    Download and fill in the Gate Force booking in Form and send it in with your device to:

    Applied Measurements Ltd
    Microtronics Calibration Department
    6 Mercury House
    Calleva Park
    RG7 8PN

    As soon as we receive your unit in, we will contact you using the details you provided on the form.

    How can I pay for my Microtronics calibration?

    The easiest way is to pay by Visa or Mastercard (debit and credit), unfortunately we do not accept AMEX. We only charge the card on the day of shipment. If you wish to be put on 30 day credit terms, please let us know when initially ordering by ticking ‘Account’ payment terms box. 30 day credit accounts are subject to credit clearance first which may affect your shipment date.

    What is the warranty period for the Blueforce FTP Fast Thermal Printer?

    The Microtronics Fast Thermal Printer (FTP) comes with a 2 year warranty.

    Can I print off a full certification to EN 12445 using the Blueforce FTP Fast Thermal Printer?

    The FTP printer gives an immediate hard copy of the test results not the full certification. You will still need to download and print out the full certificate to EN 12445 standards from a PC.

    How can I increase the memory capacity of my Microtronics gate impact force tester?

    The Upgrade Smart hardware and software upgrade increases the memory capacity of your Microtronics gate impact force tester by 60%, so you can store up to 80 tests!

    Repair and Refurbishment

    Please also see our Transducer Repair Services page

    How long is the warranty cover for my repaired transducer?

    We provide a 6 month warranty on ALL repairs.

    How much will the repair cost?

    We would need to examine the transducer damage first before we can quote you for a repair.

    How much is your initial inspection fee?

    Zero! We do not charge an initial inspection fee.

    What if I do not want it repaired, I want a replacement?

    We will never carry out any repairs without your prior approval. We will always send you a detailed fault report and quotation for the repair and will only go ahead with the repair if and when you give us your approval. We can also quote you for a new replacement transducer if required.

    Can I send an item back for repair if I am outside of the EU?

    Yes but please contact us first before sending your unit back.

    How do I send my faulty transducer to you?

    Print and fill out the RMA form and return it to us with your faulty unit to:

    Applied Measurements Ltd
    Repairs Department
    6 Mercury House
    Calleva Park
    RG7 8PN

    RMA Form

    As soon as we have received your faulty transducer we will contact you using the details you provided on the RMA form.

    Transducer Related Questions

    For operational problems see our Transducer Troubleshooting Page

    My application requires a bespoke load cell, do you only supply standard products?

    We offer a full customisation service to match your specific requirement. For more information please read our custom load cell design services page or contact us.

    What is the fastest way to get data from my sensor into a PC?

    If you are using a strain gauge-based sensor then you can use the DSC-USB digitiser. It is fully USB-powered and comes complete with free software that allows you to monitor live readings and log data in a CSV format at up to 100 readings/second for import directly into your preferred spreadsheet software.

    What is the easiest way to to log data from my sensors?

    Nowadays the easiest and lowest cost method is to use your existing PC or Laptop in conjunction with a digital interface such as the DSC-USB Strain Gauge Digitiser or modules from the T24 Wireless Telemetry system.

    What is the easiest way to convert one set of engineering units to another?

    By using our handy, free of charge unit conversion program Convert!

    Can my sensor or transducer make measurements in different engineering units to those marked on the label?

    Yes, absolutely. When we manufacture a sensor it will be calibrated using the default set of engineering units defined by the datasheet as the applied measurand (i.e. kilograms, Newtons, bar, Newton-metres, etc.) but you can convert these readings to any other set of compatible engineering units by using our Convert program. We can of course calibrate the sensor in your preferred engineering units before shipment as well, something that we do for our customers all the time.

    Can you provide fatigue-rated versions of your load cells, force sensors and torque transducers?

    Yes, we can provide almost every one of our sensors with a fatigue rating for applications where very long life or high frequency cyclic loading will occur. Here is a selection of fatigue-rated load cells that we manufacture regularly.

    What type of strain gauges are used inside your transducers?

    Applied Measurements use foil strain gauges in almost every single transducer, although occasionally we use semiconductor types as well. We also offer a strain gauge bonding service.

    Can you re-balance a transducer with a high zero offset?

    It is possible to re-balance a sensor with a high zero offset. We normally recommend doing this only if the offset does not exceed 25% of the transducer’s rated full scale output. Please contact our technical team for details on how to do this.

    What resolution can I get from my strain gauge-based sensor?

    Strain gauge sensor resolution is determined by a number of factors, the most significant being the capabilities of the instrumentation to which it is attached and the level of noise (both electrical and mechanical) that exists within the operating environment. As a rough guide, a stable resolution of 1 part in 10,000 is readily achievable in the most industrial applications unless you have vibration present, while in benign environments you can achieve 1 part in 200,000 or more when using high stability versions of the DSC, DCell or DSC-USB signal digitisers.

    Can I cut or extend the cable on my strain gauge-based transducer?

    We recommend that any cable alterations be made before the unit has been calibrated, as the small changes in resistance of the cable can cause errors. Please note, any cable alterations may affect the lead time of the sensor. A maximum of 20m cable length is advisable on any device without sense wires.
    If we are not carrying out the cable alteration it is necessary that you use a screened cable for any extension. Any cable alterations may effect the product warranty.


    What is TEDS?

    TEDS stands for Transducer Electronic Datasheet. It is an electronic datasheet stored on a chip within the transducer that can be read by external instrumentation.

    What information is stored in the TEDS?

    Transducer manufacture details, sensor type, type of interface, serial number, sensitivity, excitation and additional calibration data. All the data that is normally found on a calibration certificate.

    What if I need my transducer re-calibrated, can it overwrite the existing TEDS data?

    Yes, when your transducer is re-calibrated the new data is written over the old information.

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