Fatigue Rated Load Cells | Fatigue Rated Force Sensors

In applications where the load or force is applied in cyclic or repetitive manner for durations in excess of 10 million cycles, we can offer fatigue rated load cells and force sensors designed specifically to operate under these conditions.  We offer fatigue designs that will work in tension or compression, as well as models that cycle between tension and compression.

The increased service period of fatigue rated load cells is achieved by reducing the output signal by 50% and using strain gauges chosen for their high fatigue life.  Using these different manufacturing and stress reduction techniques it is possible to produce fatigue rated load cells and force sensors capable of a life in excess of 1 billion cycles.

Typical applications for our fatigue rated load cells include fatigue testing of aircraft components where the DSCC type is primarily used, automotive testing where the DBB and DDE have operated successfully and spring testing where the CBES and CCD models have been used.

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CBES Low Profile Button Load Cell
Low Profile Button Load Cell | CBES
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0-50kg up to 0-50,000kg
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DSCC Pancake Load Cell no Load Button
Pancake Load Cell | Low Profile Force Sensor | DSCC
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0-5kN up to 0-1000kN
From £495