Case Studies

Real-World Case Studies

A collection of applications using Applied Measurements products.

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British Swimming PhD candidate Ben Scott wanted to know the capacity of front crawl and backstroke swimmers to generate propulsive force and the relationship of this with short-distance race performance.

Tidal turbine testing at University of Oxford measuring rotor thrust & torque with Applied Measurements dual-axis force & torque sensor.

Applied Measurements load cells in FASTBLADE - the world's first regenerative fatigue test facility. Helping support the tidal energy sector.

Need a load cell for plate bearing tests? Use Applied Measurements button load cell & instrumentation for plate load bearing tests.

We designed a load cell able to measure grip strength of a golden eagle named Tilly, for the award-winning BBC documentary series, Natural World.

The steam powered 1812 Boulton and Watt beam engine needed to accurately monitor position, speed and acceleration of the piston.