Why United Utilities Chose Us To Keep The Water Flowing

The challenge – accurately monitor varying water levels in the reservoir

United Utilities needed a way to monitor the constantly changing water level in their water treatment plant to guarantee a steady flow of water into the reservoir.

That’s where we come in.

Applied Measurements are experts in water level monitoring.

For over 25 years, we have been providing accurate and reliable sensors and monitoring equipment for precise water level monitoring.

Pi993 submersible level transmitters deliver accurate water level monitoring

Pi993 Fixed Range Level and Depth Sensor for water level monitoring

  • Only 25mm in Diameter
  • IP68 Fully Submersible to 100m
  • Long-Term Immersion Protected
  • Customisation to Suit Your Application
  • Surge Protected
  • High Corrosion Resistant Versions for use in Seawater or Leachate Available
  • Ideal for Landfill Sites, Rivers, Reservoirs, Tanks, Boreholes, Vessels and Channels
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Compact, submersible and surge protected

At only 25mm in diameter, the compact Pi993 water level transmitter is the ideal choice in this water level reservoir application as it is designed for long-term submersion in water up to 100m.  Thanks to its small size, it is ideal for reservoirs, tanks, submerged pipes and boreholes.  It comes with a surge protection circuit which helps to reduce the effects of nearby lightning strikes and power fluctuations.

Good abrasion resistance

Its ceramic diaphragm, Viton O-ring and moulded cable exit sealing method guarantee its IP68 fully submersible protection rating.  Plus, its good abrasion resistance makes it suitable for use in viscous liquid and process fluids containing abrasive particles.

The Pi993 was supplied with 10 metres of submersible PUR cable, which offers flexible, abrasion and tear resistance and good barrier resistance to chemicals and oils.

How were they used?

Water Level Monitoring Application.
The level transmitter measures the pressure of the liquid above it.
  1. A level transmitter was lowered to the bottom of each reservoir.
  2. The varying depth of water above the pressure transmitter causes changes in pressure.
  3. Each transmitter measures the constantly changing depth of water.
  4. As the water level drops, the pressure on the level transmitter decreases.
  5. The level transmitter sends a 4-20 mA signal to the treatment plants control system.
  6. This controls the water flow booster pumps.
  7. If the water level drops below a certain point, more water is pumped to maintain the required water level.
Water Level Monitoring Booster Pumps
Four booster pumps control water flow into the reservoir.

Want your own water level monitoring system?

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