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    New: Intelligent SDI-12 depth sensor with microprocessor makes complex readings simple!

    Pa993D SDI-12 submersible depth sensor
    The Pa993D SDI-12 submersible depth sensor has a built-in 16-bit microprocessor which enables it to perform complex high-level linearisation, temperature compensation plus self-calibrations via the SDI-12 communication protocol.  Plus, the integrated temperature sensor also offers built-in density correction, all of which delivers optimum stability and ensures high accuracy of less than ±0.15% full scale (0.1% optional).

    As the embedded microprocessor inside the depth sensor controls the SDI-12 interface, it can accept instructions from a datalogger, perform the measurements and complex calculations, then transfers the data back to the datalogger via the SDI-12 communication protocol.


    Our Shear Pin Load Cells and Draw Wire Sensors Deliver Flawless Results in Sub-Zero Temperatures

    Applied Measurements were contacted by Victoria University of Wellington to provide reliable and accurate equipment that could operate in the sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic. Using Applied Measurements’ two customised DBEP shear pin load cells, a WS12 draw wire sensor and four intuitive2 displays, the RICE team were able to successfully extract a 763m deep ice core from an ice cap on Roosevelt Island.


    High Accuracy Displacement Sensors Use Strain Gauge Technology

    As a result of increased demand from customers preferring to use a strain gauge based measuring system, we have introduced a 0–100mm version to our range of AML/SGD high accuracy displacement transducers. Based on a four-arm Wheatstone-Bridge design with a nominal impedance of 350 Ohms, the design ensures excellent non-linearity, low power consumption and excellent temperature stability.  Additionally, the characteristics of strain gauge based sensors provide higher accuracy linear sensing than that of less accurate and lower resolution LVDT sensors. These advantages of our AML/SGD high accuracy displacement sensors have been realised by Oxfordshire based company Fugro GeoConsulting Limited, who use the existing 0-50mm version of the sensors within their accredited geotechnical soil-testing laboratory.  This high-tech establishment tests soil samples […]


    Robust 5:1 Turndown Level Transmitter Measures Up To 100m Depth

    Applied Measurements’ P9911 series submersible depth sensor is available in ranges from 0-2 to 0-100 metres water gauge and provides an industry standard 4-20mA output. The all stainless steel sensor offers great flexibility, with its two piece body design providing ease of access to the zero and span potentiometers and 5 to 1 turn down switches, allowing full field adjustability. The two halves of the unit are bolted together using six Allen screws and sealed by means of an ‘O’ ring.  This, together with an IP68 sealed polythene cable outlet, completes the high integrity waterproof assembly which maintains full sealing to a depth of 100 metres. Both the sensor and electronics are protected against the effects of lightning strikes offering […]


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