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This section illustrates our range of string pots, also known as cable extension transducers or draw wire position sensors, which offer a compact and highly accurate way of measuring displacement and position. Ranges available start from as low as 0-100mm right up to 0-40,000mm.

Cable extension transducers are inherently accurate devices as they utilise either rotary potentiometers or rotary encoders as their sensing element. Accuracy is better than ±0.1% of full scale on all models as standard.

Our string pots are available with various electrical outputs including R1K potentiometer, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA and digital SSI serial.

Environmental protection levels range from general industrial right up to IP68/IP69K, making string pots suitable for even the harshest and most demanding applications.

All string pots can be supplied with digital displays / indicators, signal digitisers, telemetry systems, data loggers and acquisition equipment.

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WS10 String Pots Draw Wire Displacement Sensor
Draw Wire Displacement Sensor | Industrial | WS10

0-100mm to 0-1250mm
From £407.50
WS7.5 Long Range Cable Extension Transducer
Long Range Cable Extension Transducer | WS7.5

0-10,000mm to 0-40,000mm
From £1,420