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  • Simple 5 Step Load Cell Design Process
  • Expert Team of Engineers
  • UK-Based In-House Design Service
  • Minor Modifications to Fully Bespoke Products
  • One-Off to High Volume
  • Delivery Dates to Suit You
  • All Industries, All Environments & Any Application
  • Ideal Designs at Reasonable Costs
  • High & Low Capacities
  • Instrumentation Available for a Complete Monitoring System
CAD drawing of a load cell

Simple 5 Step Load Cell Design Process

We know how costly and time-consuming it can be to fit your design around a standard product.  Or perhaps you need something retro-fitted into an existing design or the original replacement parts are no longer available.  

Our team of UK-based engineers are experts in custom load cell design and bespoke systems for over 30 years.  Many of our standard products can be readily modified and some can even be fully customised to suit your exact requirements.  Whether that be changing the dimensions, making it completely submersible or adapting it for use in extreme temperatures.  And if something doesn’t fit the bill, we can even design and manufacture a completely new product from scratch specifically for your application.

Throughout the last 30 years we have made one-off products to high volume batch production, all without unreasonable costs and all to the customer’s delivery schedule.

We believe in making our custom load cell design process as simple as possible, with these 5 easy steps.

Custom Load Cell Design Process Infographic

In-House Design Service

Design picture with CAD

Our expert team of engineers are on-site and our custom load cell design service is all done in-house.  We use the latest computer-aided design software (CAD) which replaces the manual drafting of drawings with a faster and more accurate up-to-date process.

This CAD software optimises the creation and design of your bespoke product and ensures easy modification and analysis.  What’s more, the CAD drawings are all done in-house by our specialist design team so referring back to the designs in the future can be done quickly and easily.

See our 3D STEP files page to view the recent 3D models of our standard products, FREE to download.

Manufacture & Production

Once you have approved the design will we begin production of your customised sensor.  Take advantage of our high quality and expert engineers with their wealth of technical knowledge to build your unique product.  We have the capacity to build one-offs to high volume using the latest up-to-date facilities.

Plus, we have our own UK-based in-house strain gauging team so we can keep control of all aspects of your production.  Be assured that your customised product will be thoroughly quality controlled throughout production and prior to delivery.

Take advantage of our various instrumentation such as digital indicators, displays, panel meters, wireless radio telemetry, to support your customised product giving you a completely bespoke monitoring system.  All our transducers and systems are calibrated and certified to UKAS traceable standards and come with a 3-year warranty as standard.

Strain Gauged Shaft

Examples of Our Custom Load Cell Design Service

Still unsure about contacting us?  Below are some recent examples of bespoke products we have designed and produced for our customers.

Applied measurements have designed and manufactured for me 4 bespoke force measuring systems for aerospace applications. On each occasion they have worked closely with us ensuring our exact requirements are met from all aspects of the design such as range, resolution and size constraints. They are able to provide the complete package of design, manufacture and calibration at a very competitive price.

Gary Sharpe, Safran Electrical & Power UK Ltd, 24/May/2017 Custom Load Cell Design May 24, 2017

Load cells deliver high accuracy in Gemini Telescopes even after 20 years!

Gemini Telescope-conner-baker-bEX9z0Y4ZAI-unsplash

20 years ago, we designed and manufactured over 700 bespoke load cells for 2 huge 8.1 diameter telescopes, known as The Gemini Project. Now 20 years on, these custom-made load cells are still consistently and accurately performing an integral part of the telescope’s control system. To continue to deliver accurate and detailed astronomical images, we re-designed and manufactured custom load cells to the same specifications incorporating up-to-date electronics with the latest state-of-the-art amplifiers.

Permanently Submersible Application – Converting Ocean Currents into Electricity

Custom Load Cell Design Deep Green Submersible Load Pin Application

We designed and manufactured a permanently submersible DBEP load pin and DSCC pancake load cell to fit within Minesto’s Deep Green underwater kite assembly.  The customised load pin matched their exact dimensions, was fully submersible and fitted with a polyurethane cable and submersible cable gland, guaranteeing long-term underwater use for the entire system.  The DSCC pancake load cell was fully customised with customised dimensions, mounting holes, threads and a higher protection rating for long-term submersion in seawater.  Read the case study in depth.

Extreme Temperatures – Deep Ice Core Drilling in the Antarctic

Custom Load Cell Design Antarctic Deep Ice Core Drilling Application

DBEP shear pin load cells were modified for extreme temperatures as low as -30˚C using high stability temperature compensated strain gauge bridge to minimise the effects of temperature.  This enabled the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) team to successfully extract 750m deep ice core from Roosevelt Island.  Read the case study in depth.

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