Miniature Draw Wire Displacement Sensor | Low Cost | MK46

Compact, Robust and Accurate

MK46 Miniature Draw Wire Displacement Sensor
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At a Glance

  • Measuring Ranges: 0-1000mm to 0-1250mm
  • Digital: 0-1250mm only
  • Outputs: Potentiometer / Voltage / Current / Incremental Encoder
  • Environmental Protection: IP20 Analogue, IP54 Digital
  • Non-Linearity: <±0.1% Full Scale Output, <±0.05% Full Scale Output for Digital Only
  • Low Cost Ideal for OEM
  • Customised Versions for High Volume Available
  • Analogue and Digital Versions 
  • Wire/Hybrid Potentiometer (Analogue Only)
  • Incremental Encoder (Digital Only)
  • Robust Plastic Housing


The MK46 miniature draw wire displacement sensor is low cost, compact and measures ranges from 0-1000mm to 0-1250mm.  Their robust plastic housing and compact design, allows them to fit into small spaces.

Analogue potentiometer and digital encoder options are available to suit your application.  Analogue versions are available in measuring ranges of 0-1000mm to 0-1250mm, digital versions are available in 0-1250mm only.

For the analogue version of the MK46 miniature draw wire displacement sensor the non linearity is better than ±0.1% of the full scale output.  While the digital encoder version has a non-linearity of ±0.05% of the full scale output.

Download application and case study examples

For a higher measuring range, please see our MK120 draw wire sensor range.  Alternatively, if you require a smaller draw wire sensor, please see our MK30 subminiature draw wire displacement sensor which is the smallest design in its class.

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Product Dimensions

MK46 Analogue Miniature Draw Wire Displacement Sensor Outline

MK46 Miniature Draw Wire Displacement Sensor Outline

MK46 Digital Miniature Draw Wire Displacement Sensor Outline


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