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Highly Accurate, Long-Life, with a Low Power Consumption

AML/SGD Strain Gauge Displacement Transducer
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  • Stroke Ranges: 0-5mm to 0-100mm
  • mV/V Output
  • Environmental Protection: IP54
  • Spring Loaded
  • High Accuracy:
    • <±0.1% (0-5mm to 0-25mm)
    • <±0.2% (0-50mm to 0-100mm)
  • Ideal for Battery-Powered Systems – Thanks to its low power consumption.
  • High Accuracy Guaranteed – With its strain gauge based measuring system.
  • Long Life – The AML/SGD will still work reliably and accurately even after 10 million cycles.
  • Let Us Do The Hard Work For You – We can supply the AML/SGD with a wide range of standard analogue and digital equipment.


The AML/SGD strain gauge displacement sensor utilises strain gauge technology to provide a linearly proportional voltage output in relation to the movement of a captivated spindle.

Available in ranges from 0-5mm up to 0-100mm, the strain gauge displacement transducer offers excellent accuracy of better than 0.1% on ranges up to 0-25mm and 0.2% on the 0-50mm and 0-100mm versions, coupled with high resolution and long-term stability.

The strain gauge bridge design operates using minimal current, making the AML/SGD suitable for use in battery-powered systems and equipment.

Common applications for the AML/SGD include Geotechnical Testing, R&D, Aerospace, Civil Engineering and Automotive.

We can supply a wide variety of instrumentation to complement your AML/SGD strain gauge displacement sensor, such as handheld indicators, digital displays and amplifiers.

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Case Studies

Applied Measurements’ Displacement Transducers Make Tracks Through Turkey

Marmaray Tunnel Displacement Monitoring Inside Tunnel

Applied Measurements were asked to design a bespoke bridge monitoring system for Turkey’s new rail tunnel – The Marmaray Project. We created a bespoke bridge monitoring system using 3 off 50mm AML/SGD displacement transducers, forming a triaxial measurement of each joint. The AML/SGD series of displacement transducers utilise strain gauge technology to convert the linear movement of the joints within the tunnel into an analogue electrical signal. The AML/SGD series of displacement transducers were chosen for their excellent accuracy (0.1%), coupled with their high resolution and long-term stability, making them a perfect transducer for The Marmaray Project.

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