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    Large Digit Load Cell Digital Display | Readout | FUSION

    Crisp, Clear, Large, High Precision, 8 Digit LED Display
    FUSION large digital display
    Lead Time
    4-6 weeks
    Prices From
    (excl. VAT)
    Accelerated delivery available
    Quantity, OEM & educational discounts

    At a Glance

    • 8-Digit Numeric Display or 6-Digit Clock Format
    • Can be Built with AlphaNumeric Displays
    • Digit Size Options: 57mm, 102mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm
    • Various Digit Colours
    • Supply Voltage: 95-265 Vac or 11-30Vdc
    • IP65 Protection Rating
    • High Precision, High Stability Large Digital Display for Your Load Cell
    • Superb Accuracy – 10 Point Linearisation Function
    • Easy to Use, No Menu Programming
    • Simple to Setup – Remote Setting From Ground Level
    • Modular Options to Suit Your Exact Monitoring and Control
    • Indoor & Outdoor Models to Suit Your Application
    • Easy to Install – Various Mounting & Gland Positions
    • Ideal to use in Harsh Environments – Total Dust & Low Pressure Water Jet Protection


    The Fusion series of large digit load cell displays are built with high precision and high stability in mind. They come in either an 8-digit numeric readout or 6-digit clock format. The fusions no menu programming makes it easy to use and its optional mounting and gland positions mean it is easy to install.

    The Fusion large load cell digital display has a range of digit sizes to choose from, starting at 2.25″ up to 16″ for viewing up to 200 metres away. It also comes with a range of colour options to suit the ambient conditions, company branding and to differentiate different displays.

    Its optional mounting and gland positions along with its modular options really do mean this versatile large load cell display can suit the exact environment. There are both indoor and outdoor models so you can use this display wherever it is needed.

    Display functions available are total, rate/speed, target, frequency, weight, temperature, humidity, real-time, elapsed time, power, RPM, torque and pressure. We can combine any of those functions and can also combine several fusion displays with varying functions into one display, making this a truly flexible load cell digital display.

    Available digit colours and their ideal uses are:

    • Red – Lowest cost colour option, ideal for outdoor mounting.
    • Green – Best suited to indoor use.
    • Yellow – Ideal for outdoor and roadside applications.
    • Blue – Cool to the eye and adds sharp appearance to the display.
    • White – Entirely neutral.

    The digit sizes available are:

    • 57mm for up to 25 metres viewing
    • 102mm for up to 50 metres viewing
    • 150mm for up to 75 metres viewing
    • 200mm for up to 100 metres viewing
    • 300mm for up to 140 metres viewing
    • 400mm for up to 200 metres viewing

    Technical Specifications

    Display4, 6 or 8-digit numeric / 4 or 6-digit clock
    Digit Height2.25” (57mm), 4” (102mm), 6” (150mm), 8” (200mm), 12” (300mm), 16” (400mm)
    Function TypeCounter, clock/timer, load cell, process, RS232 slave, RS485 slave, temperature, time + temperature, time + RS485, millivolt
    Analogue OutputNo output, 4-20mA, 0-10V, ±10V
    Alarm Output0, 2, 4, 2 x SPCO, 2 x solid state
    Serial Data Output0, RS232, RS485
    Digit Colours InsideRed, green, yellow, blue, white
    Digit Colours OutsideRed, green, yellow, blue
    Supply Voltage95-265Vac or 11-30Vdc
    Environmental Protectionup to IP65
    Operating Temperature Range0 to +50°C

    Product Dimensions

    FUSION Large Load Cell Digital Display Outline Drawing
    Fusion 2Fusion 4Fusion 6Fusion 8Fusion 12Fusion 16
    4 digit279.5(N)/291©w x 154.5h434(N)/453©w x 195.5h580w x 246.0h750w x 290.0h1050w x 408h1368w x 515h
    6 digit376(N)/400©w x 154.5h616(N)653©w x 195.5h820w x 246.0h1072w x 290.0h1540w x 408h2020w x 515h
    8 digit504w x 154.5h824w x 195.5h1060w x 246.0h1395w x 290.0h2022w x 408h2672w x 515h

    Ordering Codes & Options

    F2-4N-C-0-02-0-R-AC-1-0 (example code)F24NC0020RAC10
    Display Height
    2” 57mm digits - F2F2
    4” 102mm digits - F4F4
    6” 150mm digits - F6F6
    8” 200mm digits - F8F8
    12” 300mm digits - F12F12
    16” 400mm digits - F16F16
    Digits and Format
    4 digits numeric - 4N4N
    4 digits clock - 4C4C
    6 digits numeric - 6N6N
    6 digits clock - 6C6C
    Function Type
    Counter - CC
    Clock/Timer - HH
    Load Cell - LL
    Process - PP
    RS232 slave - S2S2
    RS485 slave - S4S4
    Temperature - TT
    Time + Temp - TTTT
    Millivolt - MM
    Analogue Output
    No - 00
    4-20mA - ANIANI
    0-10V - ANVANV
    ±10V - ANBANB
    Alarm Output
    No - 00
    2 alarms - AL2AL2
    4 alarms - AL4AL4
    2xSolid State - DSSDSS
    Serial Data Output
    No data - 00
    RS232 - 232232
    RS485 - 485485
    Colour and Brightness
    Normal Inside
    Red - RR
    Green - GG
    Yellow - YY
    Blue - BB
    White - WW
    Outdoor Bright
    Red - RDLVRDLV
    Green - GDLVGDLV
    Yellow - YDLVYDLV
    Blue - BDLVBDLV
    Supply Voltage
    95 - 265Vac - ACAC
    11 - 30Vdc - DCDC
    Mounting & Gland Position & Sealing
    Panel, IP65 front - 11
    Wall, bottom, IP65 - 22
    Suspension, top, IP65 - 33
    Wall, top, IP54 - 44
    Suspension, top, IP65 - 55
    Suspension, rear, IP54 - 66
    Special Requirements
    None - 00
    Real-time clock - RTCRTC
    8 memories - MEMMEM
    3 wire pot input - POTPOT
    100 updates/sec - 100X100X


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