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Pi600 Industrial Pressure Transducer
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At a Glance

  • Ranges: 0-50mbar up to 0-700bar
  • Outputs: mV / Volts / mA
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Accuracy: <±0.25%/FS (0.1% option)
  • Optional IP66 or IP68 Sealing
  • Ideal for Both General Purpose and Industrial Applications
  • Marine and Offshore Submersible Versions Available
  • Protected from Low Pressure Water Jets as Standard
  • Customised Versions Available to Suit Your Application
  • Fast and Simple Setup with Custom Process Connections  


The Pi600 industrial pressure sensor is designed for the measurement of gas and liquid pressure across a wide range of general purpose and industrial applications including hydraulics, medical, research and development, meteorology and food processing.

The industrial pressure sensor offers excellent media compatibility as standard with its stainless steel case, ceramic sensing element and Viton ‘O’ ring seal.  Alternative case and ‘O’ ring materials available for applications where very aggressive media is present.

The Pi600 industrial pressure sensor series offers a wide choice of electrical outputs from it’s ASIC-based amplifier circuit, these include 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc & 0-10Vdc, 1-6Vdc and 10mV/V, as well as a ratiometric 0.5-4.5Vdc signal that requires a 5Vdc supply to suit most data loggers.

A G¼” male process connection is offered as standard along with a choice of alternatives including G½” male, G¼” female, ¼” NPT male and ½” NPT male.  Custom process connections can also be offered if required.

We are also able to customise the Pi600 industrial pressure sensor to suit your exact requirements if necessary, whilst ensuring a minimal effect on price and availability.

Product Dimensions

Pi600 Industrial Pressure Sensor Outline Drawing


Case Studies

Pressure Transducer Delivers Water Level Monitoring in Emergency Tank Shower

Empteezy Emergency Tank Shower

Applied Measurements provided spill control and containment manufacturer Empteezy with a Pi600 series pressure transducer. The Pi600 series pressure transducer was connected and calibrated to the digital readout scale on the front of the shower giving an accurate reading of the litres of water remaining in the tank.

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