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ICA Miniature Load Cell Amplifier
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  • Ø19.5mm x 7.6mm high
  • 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA, & ±10Vdc Output Versions
  • Low Current Consumption
  • Bandwidth: 1kHz max.
  • Available with In-Line enclosure for mounting on transducer cable
  • Ideal for when you want a Small Amplifier to Fit Inside Your Load Cell
  • Compact at Only 19mm Diameter 
  • Can Fit Inside a Wide Variety of Strain Gauge Transducers
  • 6 Different Outputs to Suit Your Exact Application


The ICA miniature load cell amplifier measures just 19mm in diameter and 7.6mm in height and is designed for incorporation into the body of a broad range of strain gauge transducers and load cells.

When space inside the load cell or transducer is restricted, the ICA miniature load cell amplifier can also be mounted in-line on the transducer cable inside a dedicated enclosure suitable for the application environment.  We offer our own compact IP65-rated die cast enclosure the measures just 50mm x 45mm x 30mm which suits most general industrial applications (pictured right).

There are a total of six output variants of the miniature ICA load cell amplifier available:

  • ICA1H: 0.1 to 10Vdc  (13 to 30Vdc supply)
  • ICA2H: 0.1 to 5Vdc  (8.5 to 28Vdc supply)
  • ICA3H: ±10Vdc  (±13 to ±15Vdc bi-polar supply)
  • ICA4H: 4-20mA (3-wire)  (10 to 30Vdc supply)
  • ICA5S: 4-20mA (2-wire)  (7.5 to 30Vdc supply)
  • ICA6H: ±10Vdc  (24 to 30Vdc supply)

We hold stock of all the miniature load cell amplifier models mentioned above for immediate despatch.  Request pricing.

The high speed, reliability and clean output of the ICA4H miniature amplifier enabled the data to be analysed immediately after each test.

Andy Hall, Director, 4c Engineering, 9th July 2018, Read Andy's Power Take Off Application Miniature Load Cell Amplifier | In-Cell Amplifier | ICA July 16, 2018

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ICA Miniature Load Cell Amplifier and Enclosure Outline Drawings

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ICA Miniature Load Cell Amplifier


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