How to Quadruple Your Digital Pressure Speed Without Lowering Its Quality

Do you want faster digital pressure measurements? Look no further than Applied Measurements new dynamic digital pressure sensor. The Pa600-USB-FQ has a naturally high-frequency response, boasting a fast sampling rate of 4.8kHz along with a resolution of up to 1 part in 8,000, thanks to its 24-bit ADC circuit sampling. This means you can have super-fast pressure measurement results on your PC or laptop.


New! Digital Pressure Sensors – UK Manufactured & In Stock

Need digital pressure measurements? Don’t want to wait long for delivery? Want UK-based stock? Applied Measurements have USB pressure sensors in our UK stock holding for fast delivery.

Our Pa600-USB digital pressure sensors are designed and manufactured in the UK and our webshop is ready to take your order.


New: Intelligent SDI-12 depth sensor with microprocessor makes complex readings simple!

Pa993D SDI-12 submersible depth sensor
The Pa993D SDI-12 submersible depth sensor has a built-in 16-bit microprocessor which enables it to perform complex high-level linearisation, temperature compensation plus self-calibrations via the SDI-12 communication protocol.  Plus, the integrated temperature sensor also offers built-in density correction, all of which delivers optimum stability and ensures high accuracy of less than ±0.15% full scale (0.1% optional).

As the embedded microprocessor inside the depth sensor controls the SDI-12 interface, it can accept instructions from a datalogger, perform the measurements and complex calculations, then transfers the data back to the datalogger via the SDI-12 communication protocol.