New: Intelligent SDI-12 depth sensor with microprocessor makes complex readings simple!

Pa993D SDI-12 submersible depth sensor
The Pa993D SDI-12 submersible depth sensor has a built-in 16-bit microprocessor which enables it to perform complex high-level linearisation, temperature compensation plus self-calibrations via the SDI-12 communication protocol.  Plus, the integrated temperature sensor also offers built-in density correction, all of which delivers optimum stability and ensures high accuracy of less than ±0.15% full scale (0.1% optional).

As the embedded microprocessor inside the depth sensor controls the SDI-12 interface, it can accept instructions from a datalogger, perform the measurements and complex calculations, then transfers the data back to the datalogger via the SDI-12 communication protocol.


5 Reasons to Use Our Pressure Sensors in Your Diesel Injector Tester

Curtis Assemble & Test Ltd, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance automotive test machines, use our pi600 industrial pressure sensors in their diesel injector valve pressure tester.

“We choose to use Applied Measurements pressure transducers on our machines due to the reliability and competitive pricing. For us they are a fit and forget part,” explains Mark Hobday, Technical Development Engineer, Curtis Assemble & Test Ltd.


Pressure Transducer Delivers Water Level Monitoring in Emergency Tank Shower

Applied Measurements provided spill control and containment manufacturer Empteezy with a Pi600 series pressure transducer. The Pi600 series pressure transducer was connected and calibrated to the digital readout scale on the front of the shower giving an accurate reading of the litres of water remaining in the tank.


Three-in-One Pressure Sensor: Transmitter, Switch and Display

The latest product from Applied Measurements Ltd is the DS200 series offering an integrated combination of pressure transmitter / transducer, intelligent pressure switch and digital display. The DS200 covers ranges from 0-100mbar up to 0-600 bar with either a 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc output, with an overall accuracy of 0.25% of full scale.  There are many options for both pressure connection and for electrical connection, with plug and socket (IP65) or cable (IP67) exits available. The display has 4 digit resolution with rotation on 2 axes, offering 240º on the front face and 300º from the transducer housing, thus enabling adjustment to its optimum viewing position. The unit comes standard with one set point with a second set point optional, each […]