How to Quadruple Your Digital Pressure Speed Without Lowering Its Quality


Introducing the New Fast Dynamic Digital Pressure Sensor Pa600-USB-FQ

Do you want faster digital pressure measurements with a short delivery time? Look no further than Applied Measurements, UK designed and manufactured, dynamic digital pressure sensor.

The Pa600-USB-FQ system teams ceramic pressure sensing technology with its naturally high-frequency response with the DSCUSB-FQ digital USB interface boasting a fast sampling rate of 4.8kHz along with a resolution of up to 1 part in 8,000, thanks to its 24-bit ADC circuit sampling. This means you can take super-fast measurements of pressure spikes, transients and other dynamic phenomena and review the results live on your PC or laptop.

Manufactured in the UK by Applied Measurements, the Pa600-USB-FQ is in stock in our UK offices and ready to ship within 3-5 working days. Plus, you can easily buy this pressure sensor online from our UK online shop.

The fast dynamic digital pressure sensor comes ready calibrated with a high-speed digital USB interface that you plug directly into your PC. All you have to do is install the sensor and connect the cable, plug the USB interface DSCUSB-FQ into the USB port of your computer or laptop and download the free Toolkit Software to get started.

The pressure sensor itself comes in 303 stainless steel housing with a ceramic sensing diaphragm and Viton O-ring, plus an M12 cable assembly to guarantee waterproof protection.

We can manufacture the pressure sensor with optional 316L stainless steel and optional NBR/Nitrile, EPDM and Chemraz O-rings for more aggressive media.

So, for faster digital pressure measurements straight to your PC and laptop, visit our UK online shop or contact our UK offices at or call us on (+44) 0118 981 7339.