Digital Pressure Measuring in 3 Easy Steps

Need an easy way to measure pressure AND see the results on your PC? We can help.

USB Pressure Sensor

USB Pressure Sensor

  • Ranges: 0-500mbar up to 0-700bar
  • High Accuracy Better Than ±0.15% Full Scale
  • High-Performance Ceramic Sensing Element
  • Free Software for Real-Time Monitoring
  • IP67 Waterproof Protection
  • USB Interface with ASCII Protocol
  • High Speed up to 100 Readings/Second
  • Lead Time 3-5 Days!

Introducing the New USB Pressure Sensor Pa600-USB

Applied Measurements state-of-the-art digital pressure sensors are high accuracy AND come with a high resolution, high-speed USB interface. This means you can quickly and easily view the pressure results on your PC or laptop in real-time.

The USB load cell interface converts the pressure sensor’s strain gauge input into a digital USB serial output with ASCII protocol. What’s more, it promises high resolution to 1 in 20,000, 7-point sensor linearisation and high speed to 100 readings/second for fast, superior pressure measurements!

The USB pressure sensor boasts high accuracy of better than ±0.15% of full scale, IP67 waterproof protection and Viton ‘o’ ring seals to deliver excellent long-term reliability.

Thanks to its high-performance ceramic sensing element, it has excellent chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance. Plus, it can withstand greater temperature and higher pressure, in media temperatures down to -40°C up to +135°C.

What’s more, all this digital pressure measuring can be done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Install

Connect the cable to the pressure sensor and install the sensor in your application.

Step 2 – Plug In

Plug in the USB interface into the USB port of your computer or laptop. No additional battery pack is required as the USB interface takes all its power directly from the USB port.

Step 3 – Download

Download the FREE toolkit software onto your computer and begin pressure measuring. The software makes PC-based calibration easy to perform along with temperature and linearisation compensation. Plus, live monitoring and data logging to a spreadsheet compatible CSV file, rated up to 100Hz, is possible.

Buy From Our Webshop

To make purchasing even easier, you can now buy our USB digital pressure sensor online from our UK-based online webshop.

With lead times of 3-5 working days, you can begin your digital measuring within 1 week!

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