Miniature S-Beam Load Cell Delivers Precise On-Orbit Testing

Supporting Space DOTS in their Miniaturised Testing Labs.

Our Customer

Space DOTS are a space technology company whose goal is to revolutionise the in-space materials and small component testing market.

They provide on-orbit testing through a series of miniaturised testing labs that deliver an active characterisation of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties whilst in true on-orbit environmental conditions.

The Challenge

Space DOTS needed an extremely accurate, reliable and small sensor to test the strength capabilities of the miniaturised testing labs during their development and verification phases to ensure they deliver a high-quality final product to their customers.


Their [Applied Measurements] DCBR load cell has provided reliable data and has been very easy to set up and use. Furthermore, their tech department has been great in offering prompt and effective support whenever we need it.

James Sheppard-Alden | Co-founder & CTO
Space DOTS | Space Dimensionally Optimized Technology Satellites Ltd

DBCR Miniature S-Beam Load Cell

High Accuracy

  • Better than ±0.05% Accuracy
  • Capacities: 0-10N up to 0-500N
  • Compact Ø50mm
  • 3 – 7 Day Lead Time

Applied Measurements DBCR miniature s-beam load cell has an extremely high accuracy of better than ±0.05% of the rated capacity. Plus, thanks to its tiny Ø50mm body, it is ideal for measuring tension and compression in small spaces where other larger load cells might not fit.

Plus, the small size of the DCBR made bench testing and prototyping convenient.

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We are proud to have been able to support Space DOTS with this innovative application.