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    Towing Force on Tractors Using Pancake Load Cells

    The Challenge

    Leane International Srl, our distributor in Italy, was contacted by the Provana Group, a specialized consultancy in the agricultural field that provides testing services for tyres in agricultural machinery.

    They wanted an extended measurement system for measuring the rolling circumference of the front and rear tyres on tractors, plus an overview of the traction performance, fuel consumption and dynamic behaviour of agricultural vehicles.

    The sensor we provide would need to withstand:

    • The harsh agricultural testing environment
    • The large size and mass of agricultural machinery

    Rolling Circumference & Ratio Advance

    Measuring the rolling circumference of tyres is important for determining the accuracy of vehicle speedometers and odometers, ensuring proper tyre inflation, and monitoring tyre wear. The rolling circumference is the distance that a tyre travels in one revolution.

    The ratio between the speeds of the front and rear axles of a tractor, known as “advance”, can affect the handling and stability of the vehicle, as well as the wear and tear on the tyres and other components. In general, a tractor should have a lower advance ratio, meaning that the rear wheels are turning slightly slower than the front wheels. This helps to improve traction and reduce the risk of skidding or sliding during turns.

    Towing Force

    Measuring towing force on a tractor can be important for a few reasons:

    1. Equipment safety: To ensure that the equipment being towed is within the safe operating limits of the tractor. Exceeding the towing capacity of the tractor can lead to equipment damage or failure, and potentially cause safety hazards for operators and bystanders.
    2. Efficiency: Understanding the limits of the tractor can help determine the optimal load size and weight, allowing for the most efficient use of the tractor and equipment.
    3. Maintenance: To help monitor its performance and identify potential maintenance needs. If the towing force is decreasing over time, it may indicate a problem with the tractor that needs to be addressed before it leads to more significant issues.

    Overall, measuring towing force on a tractor is an important step in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and maintenance of both the tractor and the equipment it is towing.

    DSCC Pancake Load Cell

    Pancake Load Cell Towing Force

    The high-precision DSCC pancake load cell was chosen to measure the towing force of the tractor in the extended measurement system.

    It was installed in line with the tow hitch on the tractor on a specially constructed drawbar to apply a purely axial force to the load cell.

    Thanks to its low profile body, the pancake load cell fitted easily within the customer’s own specially constructed tow bar.

    When the tractor is in motion, the load cell measures the force exerted on the tow hitch, providing an accurate measurement of the towing force.

    The data collected from the load cell can be recorded and analyzed to determine the maximum towing force exerted by the tractor. This information can be used to optimise the performance of the tractor and to ensure that it is not overloaded beyond its capacity.

    For this application, the pancake load cell was gel-filled to IP67 environmental protection to withstand the harsh agricultural testing environment.

    DSCC pancake load cell

    Accurate & Adaptable Pancake Load Cell

    • High accuracy better than ±0.03%/RC
    • Robust stainless steel
    • Ranges 0-5000kg in-stock
    • Buy online
    • Tension & compression
    • Customisation available

    The DSCC pancake load cell is constructed from stainless steel and comes with an IP65 dust-tight protection rating as standard, with optional IP67 waterproof and submersible IP68 versions readily available.

    It has a high accuracy of better than ±0.05% of the rated capacity for high-precision testing.

    To deliver optimum in-line axial force measuring, the pancake load cell has a central threaded hole and a shear web sensing design to keep the effects side loads and off-axis loading to a minimum.

    These high-performance load cells can be bought through our online shop, along with a variety of instrumentation to provide a full load measuring system.

    Read more about Leane’s tyre testing application here https://www.leane.it/it/test-su-trattori-e-pneumatici-agricoli

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