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    How to Improve Aerodynamics with our Single Point Load Cells and Digital Indicators

    Challenge – To Evaluate the Aerodynamics of Scale Models

    Scale Engineering Wind Tunnel
    Single point load cells measure drag and lift force of LEGO models in Scale Wind Tunnel at Purbeck School Fair.
    Scale Engineering design and manufacture wind tunnels, industrial test rigs and research equipment for schools, universities and the commercial sector.  Scale Engineering’s newly designed Scale Wind Tunnel can test the aerodynamics of scale models using the same principles as a full sized version, without the need for a huge test laboratory.

    Recently used at Purbeck School’s Science Fair, the Scale Wind Tunnel uses two single point load cells and Intuitive2-L digital indicators enabling students to evaluate, amend and improve their LEGO model design.

    How Does It Work?

    The Scale Wind Tunnel has two OBUG-5kg single point load cells fixed at 90˚ to each other installed on a base plate inside the tunnel.  Once the scale model is mounted inside the tunnel, the air is forced into the tunnel through the laminar air intake and along a honeycomb structure to decrease the air turbulence.  As the tunnel narrows, the airspeed increases, allowing one OBUG single point load cell to measure the lift force and the other to measure the drag force (the resistance generated by the model inside the tunnel).  The results are relayed to two separate Intuitive2-L digital indicators for analysis, enabling the students to make necessary adjustments to their design.

    OBU Single Point Compression Load Cells

    OBUG 90 Degree Mounting
    90° Mounting is possible with OBU single point load cells.
    • Dual Cantilever Design
    • IP65 Protection Rating as Standard (IP67 Optional)
    • High Accuracy <±0.03% of Rated Capacity
    • Sense Wire Facility
    • Moment Insensitive
    • Aluminium Construction – Light Weight and Low Cost
    • Customisation Available
    • Optional Integration on Finished Weighing Platform

    Our range of OBU single point load cells are extremely resistant to off-centre loading thanks to their dual cantilever design.  They are moment insensitive meaning that only one unit is required centrally positioned to make a weighing system, or, as in the case of Scale Engineering, allows them to be used in tandem to create a dual-axis measurement system with minimal crosstalk.

    This makes them incredibly cost-effective and ideal for applications where a low cost is essential.  Our single point load cells have an IP65 protection rating with an option to increase to IP67 on some capacities if you need them for an even harsher environment.  Their common uses include low force measurement applications such as manufacturing, testing, research and development such as the Scale Wind Tunnel application.  Their aluminium construction makes them very lightweight, while still delivering highly stable and accurate results to <±0.03% of the rated capacity.

    Intuitive2-L Load Cell Digital Indicators

    Intuitive2-L Load Cell Digital Indicator
    Intuitive 2-L load cell digital indicators offer simple menu free operation.
    • Simple and Easy to Use – No-Menu Programming
    • IP65 Protection Rating
    • 20-Bit A/D Converter
    • Can Power up to Four 350Ω Strain Gauge Load Cells
    • Modular Construction
    • Variety of Display Colour Options

    The Intuitive2-L digital indicators are easy to use and simple to set-up giving you a fast effortless installation.  The 4 panel buttons, on-display prompts and no-menu programming really does mean you can quickly and easily calibrate and install the digital indicator straight into your application for immediate use.

    The display also has a 10Vdc excitation supply which can power up to four 350 Ohm load cells giving you a versatile complete monitoring system.  Its modular construction means you can configure the Intuitive2-L digital indicator to match your needs, making it unique to you and your application.

    Scale Wind Tunnel Application
    Each Intuitive2-L digital indicator used different digit colours to easily identify the lift force and the drag force results.
    The indicator’s bright 6-digit LED display offers superb resolution and stability all thanks to its fantastic 20-bit A/D converter and highly stable strain gauge bridge excitation source.  The Intuitive2-L digital indicator is IP65 protection rated and comes with a variety of digit colour options to suit your application environment.  For example, to easily differentiate the lift force and the drag force results the Scale Wind Tunnel used one indicator with a red display and the other green.  We chose the Intuitive2-L digital indicator because of its modular construction and variety of optional alarm relays, analogue and digital outputs, enabling the Intuitive2-L to be tailored to the exact specification of the Scale Wind Tunnel.

    We love hearing about your interesting and exciting projects and are always keen to be involved.  Email us now to discuss your application or call us on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.

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