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    Compression Load Cell with Digital Readout | DSCC + TR150

    For Complete, Handheld, Compression Monitoring
    Complete load measurement system DSCC compression load cell with TR150 digital readout
    TR150 handheld digital readout in black carry case (case sold separately)
    DSCC pancake load cell
    Pancake load cell with optional load button
    Lead Time
    5kN to 200kN: 7-10 days
    250kN: 3-4 weeks
    Over 250kN: 10 weeks
    Prices From
    (excl. VAT)
    Accelerated delivery available
    Quantity, OEM & educational discounts
    3D CAD models available

    At a Glance

    • Load Cell Capacities: 0-5kN up to 0-1000kN
    • Load Cell Output: 2mV/V
    • High Accuracy Load Cell: <±0.05%/RC
    • 7-Digit LCD Display (±9999999)
    • 2 Ranges / Engineering Units
    • Optional RS232 Serial Data Output
    • IP65 Environmental Protection
    • DSCC Compression Load Cell + TR150 Digital Readout
    • Supplied Calibrated & Ready to Use
    • IP65 Dust-Tight and Splash-Proof Protection
    • 7 Digit LCD Display for High Accuracy Applications
    • Calibration in 2 Separate Engineering Units Possible
    • Peak-Capture Capability @ 25Hz Sampling Rate
    • Load Cell Customisation Available Including: Fatigue-Rated Versions, IP67 Rated Versions, IP68 Submersible Versions


    Capacities 5kN to 200kN are available ex-stock so you can have a compression load cell with digital readout system in 7 – 10 working days!

    Applied Measurements DSCC compression load cell with digital readout is a complete, on-site, handheld, compression measuring system.  It is supplied ready calibrated to UKAS traceable standards with a 7 digit LCD high accuracy display, enabling you fast, portable, compression monitoring.

    Thanks to the DSCC load cell’s low profile design and the compact size of the TR150 handheld digital readout, the compression load cell with digital readout system is ideal to use where space is limited.

    The compression load cell with digital readout system comes with an IP65 dust-tight and splash-proof protection making it suitable for most industrial environments.

    This complete system can measure both tension and compression and in both weighing and force measurement applications. However, if you would prefer an s-type tension and compression load cell instead, see our S-type load cell with display.

    Thanks to Applied Measurements DSCC compression load cell’s stainless steel construction and high-frequency response, it is an ideal system for dynamic force and load measurement applications such as crash test walls.  Plus, the DSCC compression load cell has a dual-diaphragm design and central threaded through-hole so bending, off-axis, side-load/shear loads and torsion errors are kept to a minimum.

    The TR150 handheld 7 digits LCD digital readout is high resolution and protected to IP65 dust-tight, splashproof rating.  It features peak & trough capture, display update rates up to 25Hz, display hold/freeze, shunt calibration and optionally an RS232 serial data output. 

    The DSCC compression load cell can be completely customised with alternative threads, custom dimensions, counter-bored mounting holes, protection ratings of IP67 and IP68 submersible and higher capacities in excess of 5000kN possible.

    TEDS is now only available on our new TRX strain gauge display, which is in stock and available to buy online.

    Need a different compression load cell? See our full range of compression load cells, all of which are compatible with the TR150 handheld digital readout.

    Flexible Calibration Options

    The compression load cell with digital readout comes with a variety of calibration options to suit your application.

    Calibration options include:

    • Single direction i.e. compression or tension only
    • Bi-directional for tension and compression measuring
    • 2 separate engineering units i.e. Newtons or kg
    • 2 separate channels, in 2 different directions
    • UKAS traceable as standard
    • Full UKAS calibration

    To eliminate symmetry error the TR150 can be calibrated in different directions on the 2 separate channels one in compression and one in tension which will eliminate symmetry error and increase the accuracy.

    Its dual-range capability means it can be calibrated in 2 separate engineering units (i.e. Newtons and kg) or it can be calibrated to 2 separate load cells.

    We can also supply the DSCC pancake load cell with a BS EN ISO 376 calibration certificate for use as a reference standard.

    When a full UKAS certification is required, this is provided through our association with the appropriate UKAS-accredited laboratories including the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London.

    DSCC compression load cell with digital readout calibration options

    Fixturing Options

    To get the best possible performance from your load cell we can supply optional rod end bearings and load buttons, please speak to technical sales.

    Load buttons and rod-end bearings are designed to align forces through the centre axis of the load cell, thus reducing the effects of extraneous forces and improving the load cell’s overall performance.

    • Load buttons are used where compressive forces are applied.
    • Rod end bearings are used where tensile forces are being applied.

    Technical Specifications

    DSCC Dimensions

    DSCC Outline
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    All dimensions are in mm

    TR150 Dimensions

    TR150 Handheld Load Cell Indicator Outline Drawing


    CAD Model Files

    Our 3D models are provided in STEP format and can be viewed using FreeCAD. Other formats can be provided on request.

    The .zip file below contains a separate model for each product variant.

    Other Downloads

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