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This section illustrates our range of tension load cells and tension force sensors designed for the measurement of tensile load, weight and force.  Typical applications include tensile testing, materials research, mooring force measurement, rope and wire tension measurement, aerospace process monitoring and suspended hopper weighing.

Our selection of tension load cells offer ranges from as low as 0-25 grams right up to 0-1500 tonnes, with non-standard ranges available on request.  Styles include S-Beams, canisters, columns, low profile, in-line lifting links and load pins.  We also specialise in the design and manufacture of customised or bespoke versions to suit your specific application.  Call or email our technical sales team to discuss your requirements.

All tension load cell models can be supplied with analogue or digital instrumentation including amplifiers and signal conditioners, signal digitisers, displays and indicators and wireless radio telemetry equipment.  Calibration traceable to UKAS standards is available on all tension load cells and systems.

Our tension load cells and tension force sensors can be supplied with installation accessories including rod end bearings, clevises, shackles, mounting bases or custom designed fixtures.

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DSCC Pancake Load Cell no Load Button
Pancake Load Cell | Low Profile Force Sensor | DSCC

0-5kN up to 0-1000kN
From £463.50
In Stock!
In Stock!
DBBSS-TSF Dual Axis Force and Torque Sensor
Force and Torque Sensor | 2-Axis | Bi-Directional | DBBSS/TSF

0-1kN/0-10Nm up to 0-250kN/0-2500Nm
From £2,266
DBCL High Capacity In-Line Column Load Cell
In-Line Column Load Cell | High Capacity | DBCL

0-1te up to 0-150te
From £638.50
UF1 Low Range Isometric Force Sensor
Isometric Force Sensor | Isometric Force Transducer | UF1

0-55 grams up to 0-1500 grams
From £254
SLC series Bow Type Wired Load Shackle
Link Load Cell | Load Shackle | SLC Wired

0-1te up to 0-400te
From £803
SLC24 Bow Type Wireless Load Shackle
Wireless Load Shackle | Link Load | SLC24

0-12te up to 0-400te
From £2,245