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Highly Accurate Dual-Axis Measurement with Minimal Crosstalk

DBBSS-TSF Dual Axis Force and Torque Sensor
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At a Glance

  • Capacities: 0-50N/0-1Nm to 0-250kN/0-2500Nm
  • Output: 1.5-3.0mV/V
  • Accuracy: <±0.1%/RC
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Custom Versions Available
  • Reduced Cross Talk Guarantees Optimum Performance 
  • Ideal for use in the Geotechnical and Materials Testing Sectors
  • Customisation Available to Suit Your Specific Application
  • Ideal for use in Most Industrial Environments


Applied Measurements DBBSS/TSF dual axis force and torque sensor is a compact and accurate transducer designed to measure both static torque and axial load in clockwise and counter-clockwise / tension and compression respectively.

The unique design of the 2-axis force and torque sensor ensures that crosstalk between the axes is minimised, with less than 1% being typical, whilst maintaining an excellent accuracy of better than 0.1% of rated capacity in both torque and force modes.

Applied Measurements DBBSS/TSF 2 axis force and torque sensor series is used widely in the geotechnical and materials testing sectors where it is employed as a central component on pieces of high accuracy analytical test equipment, although its design lends itself to a huge range of other applications where dual-axis measurement is required.

The nature applications where the 2 axis force and torque sensor may be used is likely to require customisation in terms of size, capacity and the configuration of mounting holes or fixtures, and so we are pleased to say that design modifications to fit the DBBSS/TSF to your application can be offered with little or no effect on cost.

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Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

DBBSS/TSF Combined Axial Force and Torque Sensor Outline Drawing
0-50N/0-1Nm, 0-100N/0-2Nm, 0-250N/0-5Nm, 0-500N/0-10Nm668020/H76M4 x 6DP50590.8
0-1kN/0-10Nm, 0-2.5kN/0-25Nm, 0-5kN/0-50Nm848625/H78M5 x 7DP64763.5
0-10kN/0-100Nm, 0-25kN/0-250Nm, 0-25kN/0-500Nm8612025/H76M8 x 12DP60784.5
0-50kN/0-500Nm, 0-100kN/0-1000Nm13512530/H712M10 x 15DP10012511
0-250kN/0-2500Nm23020035/H712M16 x 24DP19021847

All dimensions are in mm

Published Sensor Application Articles

Below is a selection of published sensor application papers and journals that show you how the DBBSS-TSF force and torque sensor could be used in specific applications.  See our published sensor application articles page for many more.

Design and Manufacture of a Bed Supported Tidal Turbine Model for Blade and Shaft Load Measurement in Turbulent Flow and Waves
By Grégory S. Payne, Tim Stallard, Rodrigo Martinez, Renewable Energy Volume 107, July 2017, Pages 312-326 Available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Experimental Investigation of Tidal Rotor Loading due to Wave, Current and Impact with Sea Animals
By Payne, G, Stallard, T & Martinez, R 2015, Experimental Investigation of Tidal Rotor Loading due to Wave, Current and Impact with Sea Animals. in 11th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, Nantes, France. Available as open access.


CAD Model Files

Our 3D models are provided in STEP format and can be viewed using FreeCAD. Other formats can be provided on request.

The .zip file below contains a separate model for each product variant.

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