Multi Axis Load Cells | Multi Component Force Sensors

Over the years Applied Measurements has designed and manufactured many custom multi axis load cells and force sensors.  Some of these, such as the DBBSS/TSF 2-Axis Torque and Force Sensor and the LOWSTIR have now become standard products.

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The DBBSS/TSF 2-Axis Force and Torque Sensor simultaneously measures tension and torque, whilst the LOWSTIR measures compression, side force and torque whilst rotating at up to 3000rpm.

Several other multi axis load cell examples have been used successfully to measure forces in 2 axis and 3 axis force measurement applications in the wind energy, soil mechanics and medical industries.

If you have an application where the ability to measure several axes within a single load cell is required please contact our technical sales department using the enquiry form in the sidebarbelow or call on +44 (0) 1189 817339, they will be pleased to discuss your application in detail.

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DBBSS-TSF Dual Axis Force and Torque Sensor
Force and Torque Sensor | 2-Axis | Bi-Directional | DBBSS/TSF

0-50N/0-1Nm up to 0-250kN/0-2500Nm
From £2,379.50