Load Cell & Strain Gauge Signal Digitisers

This section shows Applied Measurements’ range of load cell and strain gauge signal digitisers and accessories designed for use with load cells, torque transducers, pressure sensors and all other strain gauge based transducers to provide a highly stable digital output signal.

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All of the strain gauge digitisers offer an extremely stable output and very high resolution, with different units offering output protocols and formats to suit any application, from a simple, single channel USB measurement system through to a 100 channel+ RS485 bus system monitoring an entire plant.

We can also supply custom software to work with the strain gauge digitisers and provide you with a completely bespoke system with monitoring, control and data logging functionality.  The DSCLOG24 toolkit works with the DSC converter card, DSCUSB USB load cell interface and our DCell miniature load cell digitiser.

Download the DSCLOG24 datasheet

You can contact us by telephone on 0118 981 7339 or by email info@appmeas.co.uk to discuss your requirements in detail.

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