Strain Gauge Load Cell Digitiser Card | RS232 | RS485 | DSC

Compact, High-Speed Load Cell Converter for In-Line Mounting

dsc strain gauge load cell converter
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At a Glance

  • Extremely Compact
  • RS232 & RS485 Output Versions
  • Available Protocols: ASCII, MantraBUS II, Modbus RTU, MantraCAN (J1939)
  • High Speed: 500 Readings/Second max
  • Available with In-Line Enclosure for Mounting on Load Cell Cable
  • Delivers a Digital Output for Easy PC or PLC Connection
  • Fast & Simple Fitting Thanks to its OEM PCB Format
  • Optimum Performance Guaranteed with its 1 Part in 200,000 (18bit) Resolution
  • Improved Transducer Results with Digital Linearisation and Temperature Compensation
  • Harsh Environment Option – Total Dust & Low Pressure Water Jet Protected Enclosure


The DSC is a load cell digitiser that takes a strain gauge input and converts it to an RS232 or RS485 digital signal.  The strain gauge converter is designed for use with a variety of transducers including load cells, pressure transducers, torque sensors and displacement transducers.

The DSC strain gauge load cell digitiser offers high accuracy, high-speed signal conversion with digital linearisation and temperature compensation to improve transducer far beyond its normal performance level.  Available protocols are; ASCII, MODBUS and MantraCAN (J1939).

Designed to be mounted in-line with the transducer, the load cell converter is available pre-mounted in an IP65 enclosure.  There are two enclosure options; the DSJ1 which holds a single load cell converter, and the DSJ4 which holds four load cell converters.  The DSJ4 requires RS485 output versions of the load cell converter as this is the only type suitable for ‘daisy-chaining’ on a single bus.

The PC-based calibration of the strain gauge converter can be performed directly from the sensor output signal, or as an mV/V sensitivity entry for ultimate flexibility.

Other strain gauge converter features include very high resolution of up to 1:200,000, high speed output at up to 500 updates/second and programmable dynamic filtering.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

DSC Strain Gauge Load Cell Digitiser Outline Drawing

All dimensions are in mm


Other Downloads

  • Below you can download the Instrument Explorer software (used for calibration and configuration of the the DSC card) and the DSCLog24 software which provides up to 24 channels of live monitoring and data logging.


    Instrument Explorer


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