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Any product from Applied Measurements’ wide range of load cells and force transducers can be supplied with a digitised output to create a digital load cell, such as our S-Beam load cell with USB interface.

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S-Beam Load Cell with USB Converter

This is achieved either by integrating a signal digitiser into/onto the load cell body if there is space available, creating a stand-alone digital load cell or by mounting a digitiser externally.

External digitisers can be mounted in-line on the load cell’s cable inside a small enclosure, or they can be mounted in a larger ABS enclosure suited to desktop or ‘in panel’ use.

There are several formats of the circuitry available for your digital load cell;

  • DCell Load Cell Digitiser – Miniature ‘puck’ format designed for use within the body of the load cell
  • DSC Load Cell Digitiser – Larger card format allowing a greater choice of output options
  • DSC-USB Load Cell Digitiser – Quick and convenient single channel measurement and data acquisition from a compact palm-sized unit directly linked to your PC or laptop via a USB port without the need for any external power.

Customised single or multi-channel digital load cell monitoring and control systems based on the DCell, DSC or DSC-USB are available along with customised software where appropriate.

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DBBSM S-Beam Load Cell with DSCUSB USB Converter
S-Beam Load Cell USB Interface | DBBSM + DSCUSB

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