Fast USB Load Cell Interface | High Speed Strain Gauge | DSCUSB-FQ

Ultra-Fast Data Capture Direct to Your PC

At a Glance

  • Simple USB Connection
  • No external power supply required
  • ASCII Protocol
  • High Speed: 4800 Samples/Second max.
  • Free FSU Toolkit Software Included
  • High Stability with 1 part in 8000 noise-free resolution
  • Ultra-Fast Data Analysis – 4800 Samples per Second
  • 13 Bit Resolution for Improved Accuracy
  • Converts a Transducer Signal to a Digital Input Direct to Your PC
  • Easy to Use – Simply Plug & Play
  • Cost Saving – No Need for Additional Amplifiers
  • Works With Any Full-Bridge Strain Gauge Sensor
  • FREE Downloadable Software – Fast Data Capture at 4800Hz


The DSCUSB-FQ fast USB load cell interface is a fast USB load cell interface ideal for high speed, dynamic applications.  It delivers high-speed readings of 4800 samples per second with a 13-bit noise-free resolution for improved accuracy.

The DSCUSB-FQ fast USB load cell interface converts a strain gauge transducer inputs into a digital USB Serial output.  It plugs directly into your PC and requires no additional power supplies, as it derives all its power requirements directly from the USB bus.  The unit connects to a strain gauge transducer with a 9-way ‘D’ type socket and connects to a PC via a micro USB socket.  A DIN rail mounting option is also available.

The DSCUSB-FQ fast USB load cell interface is very compact and housed in a rugged plastic case rated to IP50 making it suitable for all indoor environments.

PC-based calibration of the DSCUSB-FQ fast strain gauge digitiser is very easy to perform using the FREE downloadable FSU toolkit software.  The logging software allows the capture of up to 30 minutes of data at 4800Hz (4.8kHz).  In addition, the user can switch between engineering units, view a trend chart and export the data to a spreadsheet compatible CSV file.

For lower speed applications, please see our DSCUSB load cell interface which delivers high-speed readings of 100 readings per second with a high resolution of 1 in 200,000, at a lower cost.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Units
Strain Gauge Measurement4wire
Strain Gauge Excitation Voltage5Vdc
Strain Gauge Drive Capability85 to 5000ohms
Strain Gauge Sensitivity3mV/V
Offset Temperature Stability4ppm/˚C
Gain Temperature Stability5ppm/˚C
Offset Stability with Time90ppm of FR (1)
Gain Stability with Time30ppm of FR (2)
Non Linearity before Linearization25ppm of FR
Internal Resolution16 MillionCounts/divs
Resolution @ 4.8kHz readings (noise stable) over 1s8192Counts/divs
Resolution @ 4.8kHz readings (Noise stable) over 1s13Bits
Measurement Sample Rate4800Per Second
Measurement Sample Rate Accuracy±1.1%
Power Supply Voltage (USB)5Vdc
Power Supply Current (350 Ohm Bridge)68mA
Maximum Output Cable Length5metres
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +85˚C
Storage Temperature Range-40 to +85˚C
Maximum Humidity95% RH
Dimensions – Cased Version70.5 x 51 x 20mm excluding 9-way ‘D’ type socket connector.

Product Dimensions

DSCUSB USB Load Cell Interface Dimensions

Published Sensor Application Articles

Below is a published sensor application paper that shows you how the DSCUSB-FQ fast USB load cell interface could be used in a specific application.  See our published sensor application articles page for many more.

An experimental investigation of tsunami forces on coastal structures

Lloyd, TO; (2016) An experimental investigation of tsunami forces on coastal structures. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Available as open access.

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