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Compact, Low Deflection and Comes with Integral Mounting Threads

DDE Miniature In-Line Load Cell
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At a Glance

  • Capacities: 0-100N up to 0-50kN
  • Output: 2mV/V
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Accuracy: <±0.30%/RC
  • Low Profile Design
  • Low Profile & Integral Mounting Threads Make it Ideal to use in Small Spaces
  • Designed for Both Tension and Compression Monitoring
  • Customisation Available to Suit Your Application
  • Excellent at Monitoring Fast Changes Thanks to its Low Deflection


Applied Measurements DDE miniature in-line load cell is suitable for use in both tension and compression and offers a very low profile body coupled with integral mounting threads to allow use in applications with restricted mounting space where other in-line load cell designs such as S-Beam load cells are too large.

The DDE’s small size means that weight is kept to a minimum, this, in conjunction with its low deflection, results in a high stiffness assembly and makes the load cell suited to the measurement of fast changes in load and high-frequency transients.

The DDE miniature in-line load cell is currently being used in many applications including automotive production, cable tension monitoring and suspension force monitoring.  Customised versions with different thread sizes, specific dimensions and interim capacity can also be provided if required.

For a submersible in-line load cell please see Applied Measurements DDEN fully submersible load cell which has a protection rating of IP68 suitable for long-term immersion.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

DDE Miniature In-Line Load Cell Outline Drawing
Deflection mmResonant Frequency kHz

All dimensions are in mm

Published Sensor Application Articles

Below is a published sensor application paper that shows you how the DDE miniature in-line load cell has been used in a specific application.  See our published sensor application articles page for many more.

Design and implementation of a supervisory system for the automation of drained and non-drained experiments the triaxial chamber of the faculty of civil engineering
By Ramírez García, María Fernánda, Romero Cañón, Diego Andrés. 2009. Universidad De La Salle.


CAD Model Files

Our 3D models are provided in STEP format and can be viewed using FreeCAD. Other formats can be provided on request.

The .zip file below contains a separate model for each product variant.

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DDE Miniature In-Line Load Cell


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