Miniature Load Cells | Miniature Force Sensors

This section illustrates Applied Measurements’ range of miniature load cells and miniature force transducers, designed to be used where space is at a premium.

Whilst miniature load cells tend to have lower capacities than their larger counterparts, we can produce relatively small devices with capacities of 100 tonnes or more on request.

We have created many more miniature load cells for a diverse range of applications, so if our standard range does not meet your needs please send us details of your requirement using the enquiry form in the sidebar, or call our expert sales engineers on +44 (0) 1189 817339 for a discussion to see how we can help.

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DBBSMM Miniature S-Beam Load Cell
Miniature S-Beam Load Cell | Z-Beam Force Sensor | DBBSMM
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0-1kg up to 0-50kg
From £283.50
CDFT Micro Button Load Cell
Micro Button Load Cell | CDFT

0-500N up to 0-2000N, Ø15mm x 8mm
From £485
CDFM3 Miniature Button Load Cell
Miniature Button Load Cell | CDFM3
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0-100N up to 0-2000N
From £304
Miniature Load Cell with Display DDE + INT4 - Display in PCC Enclosure and SPC4 Cover (Enclosure and Cover Sold Separately)
Miniature Load Cell with Display | DDE + INT4-L
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0-100N up to 0-50kN
From £677
CDF Subminiature Button Load Cell
Subminiature Button Load Cell | CDF
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0-500N up to 0-2000N
From £304