Food Load Cells | Pharmaceutical Load Cells

The load cells below are ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical applications where repeated wash-downs are expected.  The OBBS comes hermetically sealed for hygienic regulated environments and the miniature models below are ideal to use inside food manufacturing machines where space is limited.

food load cells tank weighingFood load cells application examples include:

  • Batch hopper weighing
  • Food filling machines
  • Agitators
  • High accuracy weighing scales

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OBBS Bending Beam Load Cell
Bending Beam Load Cell | OBBS

0-5kg to 0-500kg
Hermetically Sealed
From £211
DBCR Compact S-Beam Load Cell
Compact S-Beam Load Cell | DBCR

0-10N up to 0-500N
From £254
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CDFT Micro Button Load Cell
Micro Button Load Cell | CDFT

Capacities: 0-10N up to 0-250N, Ø9mm and 2.9mm Height
From £509.50
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CDFM3 Miniature Button Load Cell
Miniature Button Load Cell | CDFM3

0-100N up to 0-20000N
From £319
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OSBST Stainless Steel Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
Shear Beam Load Cell | OSBST

0-500kg to 0-5000kg
From £157
OSBKT Shear Beam Load Cell
Single-Ended Shear Beam Load Cell | OSBKT

0-250kg to 0-2000kg
From £135.50
DBBSUB Permanently Submersible Load Cell
Submersible S-Beam Load Cell | IP68 Waterproof | DBBSUB

0-0.5kN up to 0-5kN
Hermetically Sealed
From £446.50
CDF Subminiature Button Load Cell
Subminiature Button Load Cell | CDF

0-500N up to 0-2000N
From £319
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