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    Strain Gauge Sensor Display | Digital Indicator | TRX

    TEDS Enabled, 2 calibration ranges, works with all strain gauge transducers
    TRX Strain Gauge Sensor Display
    TRX on Magnetic Pad
    TRX in Leather Case
    360° View Videovideo/mp4
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    At a Glance

    • Engineering Unit Conversion
    • TEDS Templates 33, 40, 41
    • Sensitivities up to +/-480mV/V
    • Environmental Protection: IP64
    • PC-based Data Logging via Toolkit
    • 2x AA Batteries or USB Powered
    • Measurement rate up to 2,400 SPS
    • Works with all Strain Gauge Bridge Transducers
    • Two Calibration Channels
    • TEDS Enabled
    • Enhanced Calibration Options
    • Works with 4-wire and 6-wire sensors
    • 128 x 64 dot matrix display with backlight
    • Configuration Toolkit Software (Windows only)


    The new TEDS enabled portable strain gauge sensor display TRX by Applied Measurements is a microprocessor-based portable display for all types of strain gauge bridge sensors with an output sensitivity from 0.5mV/V right up to 480mV/V. It is a direct replacement for the TR150 handheld display, with additional channels and features.

    The display can be used as a handheld device (like the TR150) and also comes with optional mounting accessories for desks, walls and magnetic equipment.

    The basic version offers 2 calibration channels/ranges, allowing optimised calibration of bi-directional transducers to give the best possible accuracy in tension and compression (or clockwise and counter-clockwise in the case of torque transducers. Each channel also offers enhanced calibration options in the form of either a linearised calibration or a polynomial calibration to give even greater accuracy from your strain gauge-based transducer. Plus, it supports TEDS templates 33 (bridge sensors template), 40 (multiple data pairs), and 41 (calibration curve polynomial).

    Once calibrated in your preferred engineering units, you can switch freely between various other engineering units according to your sensor type at the press of a button; i.e bar to psi (pressure), kg to Newtons (force), Nm to lb-ft (torque), and so on.

    The free downloadable toolkit software enables advanced calibration and configuration options as well as data logging via the free Toolkit software, while simple configuration and 2-point calibration can be easily done/completed using the front panel buttons.

    Functions on the TRX include:

    • Switching Between Engineering Units
    • Range Selection
    • Display Hold/Freeze
    • Gross/Net indication selection
    • Peak Hold selection
    • Trough Hold selection
    • TEDS support

    TEDS Functionality

    TEDS delivers a simple ‘plug and play’ technology. You simply connect a TEDS integrated sensor into the TRX and the information stored on the integrated TEDS chip transfers the critical calibration information to and from the connected TEDS devices.

    TEDS equipment is interchangeable without having to recalibrate the devices. The TRX strain gauge display will remember the last 20 TEDS devices that have been connected to it.

    The TEDS information that can be read by the TRX consists of the TEDS bridge sensors transducer template 33 which includes the sensor manufacturer, model, and serial numbers, the calibration template table 40 (maximum calibration points of 10) and the calibration curve template 41 (up to a maximum number of segments of 1 and a maximum number of coefficients = 10).

    The TRX strain gauge display also gives the user the option to ignore the TEDS data and use the TRX calibration ranges instead.

    The Display

    128 x 64 monochrome dot matrix display with backlight. The display will change depending on the mode and options you have enabled. Below are some examples of a 3 value display and a simple display.

    Portable Strain Gauge Display TRX Display 3 values
    TRX Portable Strain Gauge Display Simple Display

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Applied Measurements expert sales team using the form in the sidebar, or call +44 (0) 1189 817339, or send an email to info@appmeas.co.uk and Applied Measurements will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

    Technical Specifications

    Strain Gauge Measurement6-wireCan also accept a 4-wire input.
    Display128 x 64 dot matrix display with backlight
    Resolution at 1 SPS1,100,000 (20)Counts (bit)
    Resolution at 10 SPS550,000 (19)Counts (bit) Noise-free at ±7.5 mV/V range
    Resolution at 2,400 SPS6,500 (14.3)Counts (bit)
    Linearity±2ppm/FSR In high-quality operating mode
    (Linearity error can be further reduced by device linearization calibration)
    Drive Capability85-10,000Ohm
    Sensitivity±7.5-±480mV/V (Effective sensitivity from ±0.5mV/V with reduced resolution)
    Offset Temperature Stability12nV/°C At 2.5 mV/V
    Gain Temperature Stability12ppm/°C
    Internal Resolution24bit
    Display Resolution128 x 64Pixels
    Buzzer Acoustic Output45dB
    Power Supply2x 1.5V AA (LR6) batteries or USB poweredOperation with batteries rated below 1.5V is not guaranteed to provide specified performance.
    Power Consumption35mA (in normal measurement mode)
    Standby Current75μA
    Battery Life Low Quality 1Hz220Hrs
    Battery Life High Quality 1,200Hz60Hrs
    Operating Temperature Range-10+50°C
    Storage Temperature Range-20+80°C
    Operating Humidity Range095%RH
    Environmental ProtectionIP64 (With connector mated or unmated)
    External DimensionsL: 170 mm, W: 94 mm, H: 42 mm (excluding mated connector)
    Weight365g including batteries

    Product Dimensions

    Portable Strain Gauge Display PSGD outline

    Ordering Codes & Options

    Core ProductDetailsExample Result
    TRX Portable Strain Gauge DisplayStandard Version with 2 Calibration RangesTRX-A


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