High Accuracy Load Cells & Reference Standard Load Cells

We offer a range of very high accuracy load cells and force sensors for use as calibration standards, reference standards and proving devices.

All of these high accuracy load cells can be supplied with calibration and certification to internationally recognised standards including BS EN ISO 376, ASTM E74 and UKAS.

In the majority of cases these load cells are supplied with digital instrumentation to provide a fully certified stand alone load or for measurement system.

Many examples of our high accuracy load cell and force sensor systems are in service throughout the world as local verification reference standards in laboratories and testing establishments.

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DSCC Low Profile Load Cell
Pancake Load Cell | Low Profile Force Sensor | DSCC

0-5kN up to 0-1000kN
From £463.50
In Stock!
In Stock!
CCDHA High Accuracy Column Compression Load Cell
High Accuracy Column Load Cell | 0.1% | CCDHA

0-2te up to 0-1000te
From £566.50