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Applied Measurements force measurement systems give you complete strain gauge load, force and compression measuring.

Our complete force measurement systems are supplied with the sensor and instrumentation, ready calibrated for you to use straight from the box.  Plus, most of our force measuring systems are available to buy through our online sensor shop.

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The below load cell systems can be provided with optional accessories including load buttons, rod end bearings, mounting bases and custom design fixtures.

If one of these systems doesn’t suit your needs please give us a call on (+44) 0118 981 7339 or email if you prefer.  We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and have over 100 years of transducer design and application experience.  We promise you we can give you fast, expert advice on your specific application.

See our full wide range of load cells all of which are compatible with our force measurement instrumentation for a complete force measurement system.

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Compression load cell with display CBES+INT4-L in PCC1 enclosure and SPC4 splashproof cover (cover and enclosure sold separately)
Compression Load Cell with Display | CBES + INT4-L

0-50kg up to 0-50,000kg
From £759.50
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S Type Load Cell with Display DBBSM + TR150
S Type Load Cell with Display | DBBSM + TR150

0-1kg up to 0-30,000kg
From £604.50
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DBBSM S-Beam Load Cell with DSCUSB USB Converter
S-Beam Load Cell USB Interface | DBBSM + DSCUSB

0-1kg up to 0-30,000kg
From £591.50
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Wireless Strain Gauge System DSCC + T24-ACMi
Wireless Strain Gauge System | DSCC + T24-ACMi-SA

0-5kN up to 0-1000kN
From £1,132