Handheld Load Cell Indicator | Digital Display | TR150

Robust, Portable, Dual Range, 7-Digit LCD Display

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TR150 Portable Handheld Load Cell Indicator

At a Glance

  • 7-Digit LCD Display (±9999999)
  • Input: 5mV/V (50mV/V optional)
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • 2 Ranges / Engineering Units
  • Optional RS232 Serial Data Output
  • Integrated TEDS (IEEE1451, Template 33)
  • Portable for On-Site Monitoring for your Load Cell and Strain Gauge Transducer
  • 7 Digit Digital Display for High Accuracy Applications
  • Simple to Use & Configure – Only 6 Buttons!
  • Totally Dust Protected Suitable for use in Industrial Environments
  • Calibrate in 2 Separate Engineering Units or Calibrate 2 Individual Load Cells
  • Faster Calibration with Integrated TEDS Chip


The TR150 by Applied Measurements is a high-resolution handheld load cell indicator designed to work with all types of load cell and strain gauge based transducer.

The TR150 handheld load cell indicator features a 7-digit LCD display which makes it suitable for any monitoring application from general industrial up to high accuracy reference standards.  Other features include peak & trough capture, display update rates up to 25Hz, display hold / freeze, shunt calibration, integrated TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) functionality and optionally an RS232 serial data output.

The handheld load cell indicator’s dual-range facility allows for calibration in two different engineering units, i.e. Newtons and kg.  Alternatively, it is possible to calibrate two separate load cells or sensors with a single TR150 display.

The TR150 handheld load cell digital display is housed in a robust IP65 enclosure and powered by 2x ‘AA’ batteries that provide up to 450 hours of continuous operation in low power mode with a 350Ω load cell or strain gauge bridge connected.

Please contact your Applied Measurements expert sales team using the form in the sidebar, or call +44 (0) 1189 817339, or send an email to info@appmeas.co.uk and Applied Measurements will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Applied Measurements supplied our company with a highly accurate button load cell and handheld indicator for our plate bearing tests. The customer service we received during this purchase was impeccable and friendly, resulting in our companies being in contact ever since.

Jonathan Cooper BSc (Hons), Geotechnical Engineer, Micro Geotechnical, 19/Oct/2020 Case Study Review Button Load Cell, Handheld Indicator October 19, 2020

Technical Specifications

Display7-Digit LCD (±9999999) 8.8mm high
Resolution1 pt. in 250,000 @ 1Hz update, 1 pt. in 65,000 @ 10Hz updateDigit
Accuracy±0.005% (±0.001% typical)Non-linearity as % of full scale
Bridge Excitation5.0 ±4%Volts dc
Maximum Excitation Current59mA
Input RangeUp to ±5mV/V (±50mV/V can be supplied optionally)mV/V for display reading of ±19999
Minimum Bridge Resistance85ohms (4x 350ohm sensors in parallel) to 5000ohms
Update Rate0.5, 1, 3, 10, 25 (selectable)Hz
Electrical Connection5-pin binder socket (mating plug supplied)
AnnunciatorsLow battery warning, peak, trough, hold, net, shunt, cal, range
Operating Temperature-10 to +50˚C
Thermal Drift<12ppm/˚C
Integral Battery2x AA (1.5V Alkaline)
Battery Life35 in normal mode or 450 in power saving modeHours
Configurable Auto Power Off1-99 (in 1 minute steps)Minutes
KeypadTactile, with rim embossed keys
Environmental ProtectionIP65 (when mating plug fitted)
Enclosure TypeBS, dark grey (leather carry case optional)
Weight250 approxGrams
CommunicationsRS232 (optional)
Automatic Sensor CalibrationVia integrated TEDS capability (IEEE1451, template 33)

Product Dimensions

TR150 Handheld Load Cell Indicator Outline Drawing

Ordering Codes & Options

Core ProductDetailsExample Result
TR150Standard VersionTR150
TR150Version with RS232 OutputTR150-RS232

Case Studies

5 Reasons This May Be the Best Load Cell for Plate Bearing Tests


Micro Geotechnical, an in-situ testing company, needed to accurately monitor the bearing capacity of the ground under a given load, to determine the safe bearing capacity of the soil. The measuring instruments would need to be accurate and precise, with the ability to withstand the harsh outdoor environments of their in-situ plate bearing tests. So, we offered them Applied Measurements button load cell CBES and our handheld indicator and here's why...

Complete Tensile Monitoring System Delivered in Under 1 Week

Clark Masts Tensile Testing

With huge capacities of up to 30,000kg and an accuracy of <±0.03% of the rated capacity, the highly accurate DBBSM S-beam load cell really is the knight in stainless steel armour. Not only can it efficiently handle the larger loads in the guys, it can also be supplied in less than 1 week! Its tough construction makes it ideal to use in the harsh outdoor conditions on the guy cables.