Bluetooth Strain Gauge Transmitter | B24-SSB

For instant Bluetooth readings straight to your phone or tablet

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At a Glance

  • Wide Input Sensitivity Range
  • For use with Phone or Tablet
  • Single and Multiple Device Monitoring
  • Holds 2x ‘AA’ Batteries – up to 10 Months Life
  • IP67 Rated Enclosure
  • OEM Board Only Option
  • Wide Sensitivity Input Choice: +/-6mV/V, +/-12 mV/V, +/-24 mV/V, +/-48mV/V
  • Monitor up to 12 Bluetooth Transmitters with a Single Device
  • or Monitor Single Bluetooth Transmitter with Multiple Devices
  • Fantastic Transmission Range up to 90 Metres
  • High Measurement Resolution
  • Ideal for BOTH Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Immersion Protected Enclosure up to 1 Metre Depth for 30 Minutes


The B24-SSB Bluetooth strain gauge transmitter is a low energy transmitter providing a wireless Bluetooth signal able to be received by a mobile phone or tablet.  Once downloaded, the free iOS and Android app enable users to create dashboards and have an instant visualisation of the transmitted data and create custom apps for OEM applications.

The Bluetooth transmission allows delivery of a single B24 transmission data stream to multiple devices such as phones and tablets.  Plus, multiple B24 Bluetooth transmitters can send the data to both single and multiple devices.

B24-SSB Bluetooth receivers and transmitters diagram

The B24-SSB Bluetooth strain gauge transmitter has four input sensitivity choices of +/-6mV/V, +/-12 mV/V, +/-24 mV/V, +/-48mV/V, making this transmitter compatible with a wide range of sensors.

For outstanding results, the B24-SSB can produce a 16.5-bit noise-free resolution of 1 in 92,000 counts when being used with a 3mV/V strain gauge sensor.  Plus, with a 6mV/V sensor, it can produce a 17.5-bit resolution (1 in 184,000 counts).

The B24-SSB has a transmission range of between 30 and 90 metres in a direct line of sight.  But this is dependent on the age and quality of the Bluetooth receiver.

For added configuration protection, Configuration, View and Calibration PIN let you control changes in configuration settings.

There are 2 versions of the B24-SSB.

  • B24-SSBC – comes housed within an IP67 waterproof and dustproof enclosure which includes an integrated battery holder.
  • B24-SSBX – is a board only format enabling integration into OEM applications.

Battery life using 2x ‘AA’ size batteries is up to 10 months at 1 sample per second, transmitting 24 hr/day.

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Product Dimensions

B24-SSB-bluetooth-strain-gauge-transmitter-outline B24-SSB-bluetooth-strain-gauge-transmitter-oem-outline


B24 – iOS & Android App for B24 Bluetooth Transmitters

Download Google Play B24 Toolkit

Download Apple B24 Toolkit

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