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At a Glance

  • Force Measurement Range: 0-2000N
  • Memory Capacity: 80 Tests
  • Force Measurement Resolution: 1N
  • GSM Web Communication
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • BlueForce CLOUD Connectivity
  • BlueForce CLOUD – Automatic Direct Data Upload
  • 1st 12 Months CLOUD Subscription FREE
  • Compliant with EN12453, EN60335-2-95, ASR A1.7 and DHF-TS
  • ioT Web Communication
  • GPS Integrated Location
  • GSM Interface (via Smartphone, PC, Tablet, etc.)
  • Dynamometer Measurement Function


Applied Measurements are the only UK approved calibration house for the Microtronics SpeedForce/BlueForce Testers.

New Microtronics BlueForce Smart PRO now comes with BlueForce CLOUD connectivity and ioT web communication. First 12 months BlueForce CLOUD subscription FREE with the initial purchase.

The Microtronics BlueForce Smart PRO Kit 50V001G includes the NEW BlueForce Smart PRO Tester, USB cable and hex wrench in a pre-formed carry-case.

Thanks to its GSM interface, the Microtronics Smart PRO Tester can connect directly with any web-connected device, reducing any device compatibility problems.

It is internationally recognised and gives you CE certification of power-operated gates and doors and is compliant with EN16005 EN12453, EN60335-2-95, ASR A1.7 & DHF-TS.

Measurements made on-site by the Smart PRO Tester now include the physical orientation of the tester (i.e. horizontal or vertical) and the GPS geographical location. Plus, continuous push force measurement (eg. panic bars) is now possible with the new dynamometer auxiliary function, now included, which shows directly on the display.

In addition to its predecessor, the processor on the new Smart PRO version is faster and it comes with a rechargeable li-ion battery.

The handle of the BlueForce Smart PRO enables sturdy grip during measurement testing and can also be rotated at a 180° angle or removed altogether, using the supplied key.

BlueForce CLOUD

The BlueForce Smart PRO Tester 50V001G works seamlessly with the Microtronics “BlueForce CLOUD” portal, which captures all the measurements sent from the tester. The “BlueForce CLOUD” 50V024-G includes archiving of the force test measurements, report printing, compiling of the Risk Analysis and the Technical File (conforming to EN12453), storing of any photos and other documents and a timeframe maintenance log. The BlueForce CLOUD service is provided on an annual paid-for subscription valid for 12 months, and if you purchase a new Blueforce Smart PRO Kit or have your existing tester upgraded then the year’s subscription is included free of charge.

BlueForce PC Software

It is also possible to use the tester in a stand-alone mode, without the Cloud-based software, thanks to its large internal memory capacity and BlueForce software (supplied).

The BlueForce downloadable software for PC stores the date, time and measurement points, plus it provides graphical representations of trend graphs and generates the force measurement reports.  Plus, the instrument firmware can be updated wirelessly via the web with an automatic download from the remote server.

Available BlueForce Smart PRO Kits

The BlueForce Smart PRO Impact Force Tester is provided with a USB cable for PC connectivity, hex wrench for handle disassembly and a pre-formed carry-case suitable for taking the equipment to the measurement test site.  The carry case dimensions: 430 x 290 x 108 mm.

The BlueForce Smart PRO can be bought in the following kits, each available to buy from our UK-based online webshop.

  • BlueForce Smart PRO Basic (50V001G)
  • BlueForce Smart PRO + Straight Extension (50V001G-PL)
  • BlueForce Smart PRO + Straight Extension + FTP Printer PRO (50V001G-PRN)

If you require a waterproof and dust-tight carry case, we can supply the BlueForce Extreme Carry Case which is protected to IP67 for harsher environments.

If you have the previous BlueForce Smart device, we can offer a hardware upgrade to the new Smart Pro functionality. Please speak to our sales team to confirm if your device can be upgraded to Smart PRO before sending it into us.

Technical Specifications

BlueForce Smart Pro Impact Force Tester 
Power supply:Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Memory capacity:80 tests
Force acq. interval:6 sec, sampling at 1kHz
Force measurement range:0-2000N (mechanical stop at approx. 2100N)
Force measurement resolution:1N
Dynamic time measurement resolution: 0.01s
Maximum force measurement error margin:range from 25N to 400N: ±0,5% F.S.; from 400N to 1000N: ±1% F.S.; from 1000N to 2000N: ±2% F.S.;
USB interface:v.2.0 specification compliant
CE-EMC conformity:At TUV Rheinland on sample BlueForce instrument serial no.: 00981
Compliant with standards:EN12453, EN16005, EN60335-2-95, DHF-TS, ASR A1.7


Other Downloads

  • Download software, drivers and firmware updates for your BlueForce Tester from the Microtronics website.

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