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    Low Differential Pressure Sensor | Dry/Dry | Low DP Transmitter | PR3202

    High Stability Measurement of Dry, Air, Non-Corrosive Gases
    PR3202 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensor
    PR3202 Standard Housing Left Facing
    PR3202 Standard Housing Right Facing
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    6 weeks
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    Accelerated delivery available
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    3D CAD models available

    At a Glance

    • Ranges: 0-0.25mbar up to 0-1000mbar
    • Outputs: 4-20mA
    • Line / Common Mode Pressure: 2bar max. (range dependent)
    • Accuracy: <±0.25%/FS
    • Optional ATEX Intrinsically Safe Version (5mbar and above only)
    • Ideal For Dry/Dry Measurements at Very Low Pressures 
    • Save Time With User Span and Zero Adjustments – No need to send in your pressure sensor for minor adjustments.
    • ATEX Certified Explosive Atmosphere Versions Available
    • Ideal for HVAC, Clean-Room and Flow Measurement Applications
    • Fully Temperature Compensated for Higher Stability at Low Pressures


    The PR3202 low differential pressure sensor is designed to measure dry, air and non-corrosive gases across range of general purpose and industrial applications such as HVAC, clean room monitoring and flow measurement applications.

    The PR3202 low differential pressure transmitter utilises a highly stable sensing element, allowing its 4-20mA output to be factory-scaled over measuring ranges as small as 0-0.25mbar (0-25 Pascals). They are also fully temperature-compensated for unrivalled stability at very low pressure.

    In addition to air differential pressure, the PR3202 can also measure gauge and vacuum/suction pressure, it can also operate bi-directionally giving the ability to measure compound differential air pressure ranges that range from vacuum to positive pressure.

    The process connection on the PR3202 air differential pressure sensor is made via hose fittings which cater for common mode/line pressures of up to 10bar.

    Technical Specifications

    Input Pressure Range
    Nominal Pressure Rangembar510203050801002505001000
    Permissible Overpressurembar2525200200200200200120012001200
    Max Common Mode Pressure / Static Line Pressurembar37537520002000200020002000200020002000
    Output signal & supply voltageNumber of WiresOutputSupply VoltageSupply Current
    PR32022 – wire4 - 20mA13 - 36Vdcn/a
    PR3202X (ATEX version)2 - wire4 - 20mA13 - 28Vdcn/a
    PR3202V53 - wire0 - 5Vdc13 - 30Vdc13mA
    PR3202V103 - wire0 - 10Vdc13 - 30Vdc13mA
    Accuracy (non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)% Full Scale Output<±0.30 (BFSL)
    Zero Offset and Span Tolerance% Span±1
    Zero Offset and Span Adjustment% Full Scale Output±5 with easy access trimming potentiometer
    Media Temperature˚C-20 to +70
    Ambient Temperature˚C-20 to +70
    Storage Temperature˚C+5 to +40
    Thermal Zero Shift (TZS)% / Full Scale / ˚C<±0.04
    Thermal Span Shift (TSS)% / Full Scale / ˚C<±0.04
    Reverse Polarity ProtectionProtected against supply voltage reversal up to 50Vdc
    Media CompatibilityDry non-corrosive gas only
    WeightGrams280 for standard unit
    Insulation ResistanceMegohm @ 50 Vdc>100
    Electrical Connection:Screw terminals for conductor sizes 0.2-2.0mm2 are located beneath the enclosure lid. Cable entry is through an IP66 cable gland with compression seal for cable sizes 4-8mm. Optional M20 conduit fitting available.
    Pressure Connection:4mm I.D. hose (others on request)
    Response Time (10% - 90%)ms≤10
    Environmental Protection:IP65
    Load Driving Capability4 - 20mA versionSupply voltage - 10V / 0.02A (i.e. 36V - 10V / 0.02A = 1300Ω
    0 - 5V / 0 - 10V versions>5kΩ / >10kΩ
    Long Term Stability% / Full Scale< 0.2 / 6 months
    Operational LifePressure Cycles> 108 typical
    ATEX Approval (4-20mA versions only)Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (zone 0)
    Ex II 1 D Ex ia IIIC T135°C Da (zone 20)
    EX I M 1 Ex ia I Ma (group I M1)

    Product Dimensions

    PR3202 Low Differential Pressure Sensor Outline

    Wiring Details

    Pin No.2 Wire
    (4 - 20mA)
    3 Wire
    (0 - 5Vdc / 0 - 10Vdc)
    1+ve supply-ve supply / 0V common
    24 - 20mA signal+ve supply
    3earth/caseoutput signal

    Ordering Codes & Options

    PR3202X-1000mbar-AA-00-000 (example code)PR3202X-1000mbar-AA-00-000
    Product Family
    Electrical Output
    Blank = 4-20mA (2-wire)Blank
    X = 4-20mA ATEX Certified (2-wire)X
    V5 = 0-5Vdc (3-wire)V5
    V10 = 0-10Vdc (3-wire)V10
    Electrical Connection
    Blank = Cable Gland (suits 4-8mm diameter
    Pressure Range
    1000mbar = 0 to 1000mbar differential-1000mbar
    10psi = 0 to 10psi differential-10psi
    M500P500mbar = -500 to +500mbar differential-M500P500mbar
    Process Connection
    A = Male Hose Barb Fittings (suit 4mm ID hose)-A
    B = 1/4” BSP Male Threaded Connection*-B
    Housing Type
    A = StandardA
    B = Aluminium*B
    Cable Length
    00 = None-00
    01 = 1 metre-01
    Specials Code
    000 = No Special Requirements-000
    *1/4" BSP male connections are only available with the aluminium case option.

    Published Sensor Application Articles

    Below is a published sensor application paper that shows you how the low differential pressure sensor could be used in a specific application.  See our published sensor application articles page for many more.

    Inhalation characteristics of asthma patients, COPD patients and healthy volunteers with the Spiromax® and Turbuhaler® devices: a randomised, cross-over study

    By Wahida Azouz, Philip Chetcuti, Harold Hosker, Dinesh Saralaya and Henry Chrystyn. BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2015 15:47. Available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


    CAD Model Files

    Our 3D models are provided in STEP format and can be viewed using FreeCAD. Other formats can be provided on request.

    The .zip file below contains a separate model for each product variant.

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