Low Range Pressure Sensors | 0-0.25mbar to 0-1bar

Applied Measurements offers a selection of low range pressure sensors that can be used to measure both liquids and gases.  Our PR3202 low differential pressure sensor can measure dry non-corrosive gases from as low as 0.25mbar (0-25 Pascals).

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Gauge, Absolute, Differential and Compound pressure references are available in the following measurement ranges:

  • Gauge: 0-0.25mbar > 0-1bar
  • Absolute: 0-500mbar > 0-1bar
  • Differential: 0 to 0.25mbar > 0-1bar
  • Compound: -0.25 to +0.25mbar > -1bar to +1bar

Please note that the minimum measuring range for applications involving liquids or corrosive gases is 0-50mbar.

Standard low range pressure sensor output available include 0.5-4.5Vdc, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc and 4-20mA, with customised outputs available on request.

All low range pressure sensor models can be supplied with digital display and indicators, signal digitisers, telemetry systems, data loggers and acquisition equipment.  Calibration traceable to UKAS standards is available on all low range pressure sensors and systems.

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Baroli 02 Battery Powered Digital Pressure Sensor With Display Air Pressure Gauge
Digital Pressure Sensor with Display

0-100mbar up to 0-600bar
From £347
Digital Dynamic Pressure Sensor Pa600-USB-FQ
Digital Dynamic Pressure Sensor
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0-500mbar up to 0-700bar
From £535
DMP 331 High Accuracy Industrial Pressure Sensor
High Accuracy Industrial Pressure Sensor | DMP331

0-100mbar up to 0-60bar
From £281
Pa600 Industrial Pressure Sensor
Industrial Pressure Sensor | Pa600

0-500mbar up to 0-700bar
From £88.50
PR3202 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensor
Low Differential Pressure Sensor | Dry/Dry | Low DP Transmitter | PR3202

0-0.25mbar up to 0-1000mbar
ATEX Pressure Sensor
From £282
Pi600DD Pressure Sensor with Display
Pressure Sensor with Display

0-50mbar up to 0-700bar
From £368.50
Subsea Pressure Sensor Pa600SS
Subsea Pressure Sensor | Pa600SS

0-1bar up to 0-700bar
From £397
USB Pressure Sensor
USB Pressure Sensor
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0-500mbar up to 0-700bar
From £395
PR3200 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter
Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter | Wet/Wet DP Sensor | PR3200

0-500mbar up to 0-200bar
ATEX Pressure Sensor
From £452