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    Pressure Meter | Digital Pressure Switch | 4-Digit LED | DS201

    Accurate pressure meter with display
    DS201 Pressure Meter
    Lead Time
    4-5 weeks
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    Accelerated delivery available
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    At a Glance

    • Ranges: 0-400mbar up to 0-600bar
    • Outputs: 0-10 Volts / 4-20mA
    • Environmental Protection: IP65
    • Accuracy: <±0.5%/FSO
    • 4 Digit LED Display
    • Ideal for Easy On-Site Monitoring and Control
    • PNP Contact & Rotatable 4 Digit LED Display
    • Fast Setup with Custom Process Connections
    • IP65 Waterproof & Dust Tight Protection
    • Flush Pressure Ports Available for Viscous / Polluted Media
    • Intrinsically Safe Versions Available


    The DS201 pressure meter uses a pressure switch with a 4 digit LED display providing a local digital readout of the measured pressure.

    As standard, the DS201 pressure meter features 1 PNP contact and a rotatable display for easy reading in awkward installations. 2 independent and 4 independent PNP contacts can be offered, which are freely configurable.

    A wide variety of electrical connections and mechanical connections are available, including flush pressure ports for pressure measuring in highly polluted, viscous and pasty media.

    IS-versions EX is intrinsically safe versions of this pressure meter for use in hazardous environments can also be offered.

    We are able to customise the DS201 pressure meter to suit your exact requirements if necessary whilst ensuring a minimal effect on price and availability.

    Need a battery-powered pressure sensor with display? See our Baroli-02 battery-powered pressure sensor.

    Technical Specifications

    Input Pressure Range 1
    Nominal pressure gauge [bar]-1...00.40.611.62.5461016254060100160250400600
    Nominal pressure abs. [bar]--0.611.62.5461016254060100160250400600
    Level gauge [mH2O]-461016254060100160250400600-----
    Overpressure [bar]4122441010204040100100200400400600800
    Burst pressure ≥ [bar]7244551212255050120120250500500650880
    Vacuum resistancepN ≥ 1 bar: unlimited vacuum resistance
    pN < 1 bar: on request
    1 PVDF pressure port possible for nominal pressure ranges up to 60 bar
    Contact 2
    Standard1 PNP contact
    Options2 independent PNP contacts
    4 independent PNP contacts (possible with M12x1, 8-pin for 4-20mA/3-wire;
    0-10V/3-wire on request)
    Max. switching current4-20mA / 2 and 3 wire: contact rating 125mA, short-circuit resistant;Vswitch = Vs - 2V
    0-10V / 3-wire: contact rating 125mA, short-circuit resistant
    Accuracy of contacts 3≤ ± 0.5% FSO
    Repeatability≤ ± 0.2% FSO
    Switching frequencymax. 10Hz
    Switching cycles>100 x 106
    Delay time0-100 sec
    2max. 1 contact for 2-wire current signal with plug ISO 4400 as well as 2-wire current signal with IS-protection
    No contact possible with 3-wire in combination with plug ISO 4400.
    Analogue Output (optionally) / Supply
    2-wire current signal4-20mA / Vs = 13-36Vdc
    permissible load: Rmax = [(Vs - Vs min / 0.02 A] Ω response time: <10 msec
    2-wire current signal with IS-protection4-20 mA / VS = 15-28 Vdc
    permissible load: Rmax = [(VS – VS min) / 0.02 A] Ω response time: < 10 msec
    3-wire current signal4-20 mA / VS = 19-30 Vdc adjustable (turn-down of span 1:5) 4
    permissible load: Rmax = 500 Ω response time: < 0.5 sec
    3-wire voltage signal0-10 V / VS = 15-36 Vdc
    permissible load: Rmin = 10 kΩ response time: < 3 msec
    Without analogue outputVS = 15-36 Vdc
    Accuracy 3≤ ± 0.5% FSO
    3 accuracy according to IEC 60770 – limit point adjustment (non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)
    4 with turn-down of span the analogue signal is adjusted automatically to the new measuring range
    Thermal effects (Offset and Span) / Permissible temperatures
    Thermal error≤ ± 0.2 % FSO / 10 K
    In compensated range-25-85 °C
    Permissible temperatures 5medium: -40 ... 125 °C electronics / environment: -40 ... 85 °C
    storage: -40 ... 100 °C
    5 for pressure port in PVDF the medium temperature is -30 … 60 °C
    Electrical Protection
    Short-circuit protectionpermanent
    Reverse polarity protectionno damage, but also no function
    Electromagnetic compatibilityemission and immunity according to EN 61326
    Mechanical stability
    Vibration10 g RMS (25 ... 2000 Hz) according to DIN EN 60068-2-6
    Shock500 g / 1 msec according to DIN EN 60068-2-27
    Pressure port / housingstandard = stainless steel 1.4404
    option for G1/2" open port (up to 60 bar): pressure port: PVDF; housing: stainless steel 1.4404
    options for G3/4" flush (0.6 bar ≤ pn ≤ 25 bar): pressure port: PVDF; housing: PVDF
    Display housingPA6.6, polycarbonate
    Seals (media wetted)standard: FKM
    option: EPDM (pn ≤ 160bar)
    others on request
    Diaphragmceramics Al2O3 96%
    Media wetted partspressure port, seals, diaphragm
    Explosion protection (only for 4 … 20 mA / 2-wire)
    Approval AX14-DS 201IBExU 06 ATEX 1050 X
    zone 1: II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb (connector) / II 2G Ex ia IIB T4 Gb (cable)
    Safety tech. maximum valuesUi = 28 V, Ii = 93 mA, Pi = 660 mW, C ≈ 0 nF, Li ≈ 0 µH
    Max. switching current 670 mA
    Permissible temperatures for
    -25 ... 70 °C
    Connecting cables (by factory)cable capacitance: signal line/shield also signal line/signal line: 100 pF/m cable inductance: signal line/shield also signal line/signal line: 1 µH/m
    6 the real switching current in the application depends on the power supply unit
    Display4-digit, red 7-segment-LED display, digit height 7 mm, range of indication -1999 ... +9999; accuracy 0.1 % ± 1 digit; digital damping 0.3 … 30 sec (programmable);
    measured value update 0.0 … 10 sec (programmable)
    Option oxygen application 7for pN ≤ 25 bar: O-ring in FKM Vi 567 (with BAM-approval); permissible maximum values are 25 bar / 150° C
    Current consumption (without contacts)2-wire signal output current: max. 25 mA
    3-wire signal output current: approx. 45 mA + signal current 3-wire signal output voltage: approx. 45 mA
    Ingress protectionIP 65
    Installation positionany
    Weightapprox. 200g
    Operational life100 million load cycles
    CE-conformityEMC Directive: 2014/30/EU Pressure Equipment Directive: 2014/68/EU (module A) 8
    ATEX Directive2014/34/EU
    7 not possible with flush pressure ports
    8 this directive is only valid for devices with maximum permissible overpressure > 200 bar
    Electrical connectionM12x1 plastic (5-pin)M12x1
    metal (5-pin)
    M12x1 plastic (8-pin)ISO 4400Binder
    series 723 (5-pin)
    cable colours (IEC 60757)
    Supply +11111WH (white)
    Supply -33323BN (brown)
    Signal + (only 3-wire)22232GN (green)
    Contact 144434GY (grey)
    Contact 2555-5PK (pink)
    Contact 3--6---
    Contact 4--7---
    Shieldvia pressure
    plug housing/
    pressure port
    via pressure
    plug housing/
    pressure port

    Product Dimensions mm

    DS201 Pressure Meter outline drawing
    ds201 pressure meter outline drawing G1/2" DIN
    DS201 pressure meter connection outlines
    ds201 pressure meter flush connection outline
    ds201 pressure meter cable outlet drawings
    Electrical Connections mm

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