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This section illustrates Applied Measurements’ range of approved intrinsically safe certified ATEX pressure sensors and ATEX pressure transmitters designed for use in hazardous areas.  All of our ATEX pressure sensors provide a 4-20mA output.

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ATEX / IECEX X24 Wireless TelemetryOur ATEX pressure sensors are available in Gauge, Absolute, Vacuum / Suction, Differential and Compound pressure measurement format in the following measuring ranges:

  • Gauge: 0-5mbar (use PR3202) > 0-3000bar
  • Absolute: 0-500mbar > 0-700bar
  • Vacuum: 0 to -0.25mbarg > 0 to -1barg
  • Differential: 0 to 5mbar > 0-200bar
  • Compound: -0.25 to +0.25mbar > -1bar to +700bar

Custom pressure ranges are available on all ATEX pressure sensors.

We can also supply IECEx / ATEX certified wireless telemetry which delivers a highly accurate, reliable wireless signal for strain gauge measurements for your pressure sensor in ATEX /IECEx Zones 1 and 2.

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DMP 331 High Accuracy Industrial Pressure Sensor
High Accuracy Industrial Pressure Sensor | DMP331

0-100mbar up to 0-60bar
From £283
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PR3202 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensor
Low Differential Pressure Sensor | Dry/Dry | Low DP Transmitter | PR3202

0-0.25mbar up to 0-1000mbar
ATEX Pressure Sensor
From £296
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DMP 304 Ultra-High Range Pressure Transducer
Ultra-High Range Pressure Transducer | 0-6000bar | DMP304

0-2000bar up to 0-6000bar
From £1,429
PR3200 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter
Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter | Wet/Wet DP Sensor | PR3200

0-500mbar up to 0-200bar
ATEX Pressure Sensor
From £474.50