Parallel Shaft Reaction Torque Transducer | DTD-P

Accurate and Adaptable, with Keyed Parallel Shaft Connections

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At a Glance

  • Capacities: 0-10Nm to 0-10kNm
  • 2mV/V Output (nominal)
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Accuracy: <±0.25%/Rated Capacity
  • Custom Capacities to 50kNm+
  • Designed for In-Line Static or Semi-Rotary Torque Measurement
  • High Accuracy – Ideal for Calibration, Development and Testing Applications
  • Integral Bayonet Lock Military Connector Ensures Simple & Easy Connection
  • Fast Installation with Customised Shaft and Configuration Options
  • Let us Customise the Design to Suit Your Exact Application


The DTD-P parallel shaft reaction torque transducer / reaction torque transducer series have keyed parallel shaft connections for in-line direct drive measurements. Applications include the testing of electrical motors, hydraulic pumps, automotive transmissions, steering systems and aircraft actuators.

We are able to offer custom shaft sizes and configurations to suit your application if required.  Request pricing from our technical sales team.

We chose the DTD-P torque transducer for its high accuracy and compact size which we needed for tank testing the SeaPower Platform.

Andy Hall, Director, 4c Engineering, 9th July 2018, Read Andy's Power Take Off Application Parallel Shaft Reaction Torque Transducer | DTD-P July 16, 2018

Technical Specifications

Rated Capacity (RC)Nm0-10, 0-20, 0-50, 0-100, 0-200, 0-250, 0-500, 0-1000, 0-2k, 0-5k, 0-10k
Operating ModesClockwise (CW)/Counter-Clockwise (CCW) / Clockwise (CW) & Counter-Clockwise (CCW)
Sensitivity (RO)mV/V1.5 nominal
Zero Balance/Offset±%/Rated Output<1
Output Symmetry (CW vs. CCW)±%/Rated Output<0.25 typical
Non-Linearity±%/Full Scale Output<0.1
Hysteresis±%/Full Scale Output<0.1
Repeatability±%/Full Scale Output<0.01
Temperature Effect on Zero±Full Scale Output/ ˚C<0.01
Temperature Effect on Output±/Reading/ ˚C<0.01
Bridge ResistanceOhms700 nominal
Insulation ResistanceMegaohms>5000 @ 50Vdc
Excitation VoltageVolts AC or DC10 recommended (2-15 acceptable)
Operating Temperature Range˚C-20 to +80
Compensated Temperature Range˚C+20 to +70
Storage Temperature Range˚C-20 to +80
Safe Overload% of Rated Capacity150
Ultimate Overload% of Rated Capacity300
IP Rating (Environmental Protection)IP65
WeightSpeak to sales
Fatigue Rating108 cycles typical (109 cycles on fatigue rated version)
Cable Length (as standard)metres3
Cable Type4-core screened PUR, Ø4.6mm
ConstructionStainless Steel
Resolution1 part in 250,000 (with appropriate instrumentation)

Product Dimensions

DTD-P Parallel Shaft Reaction Torque Transducer Outline Drawing
Capacity (Nm)ØA h6BCDEØFG
0-10, 0-20 12252310050385
0-50, 0-100 20302512666446
0-2500, 0-5000 75115110320908522

All dimensions are in mm.

Wiring Details

Red+ve excitation
Blue-ve excitation
Green+ve signal (clockwise)
Yellow-ve signal
ScreenTo ground - not connected to sensor body

Ordering Codes & Options

Core ProductCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeResult

Case Studies

Real Life: Power Take-Off Torque Monitoring – Accurate, Fast and Simple!

Sea Power Platform Power Take-Off Torque Monitoring

Read the real life case study of power take-off torque monitoring on the Wave Energy Converter The SeaPower Platform. See how our complete torque measuring system enabled engineers to accurately monitor the torque applied by the Wave Energy Converter as it responded to waves in the test tank with accurate, fast and reliable results.

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