Low Capacity Torque Transducers & Low Range Torque Sensors <1Nm

Applied Measurements’ range of low capacity torque transducers is available with measuring ranges from as low as 0-0.02Nm up to 0-1Nm.  They are available in both static and rotary configuration, with rotary designs offering operating speeds of up to 10,000rpm.

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Square drive and parallel shaft mechanical connections are standard on all our low range torque sensors, with alternative connection methods such as flanges and customise types available through couplings.

Static versions are available with ranges from 0-0.2Nm to 0-20kNm while rotary versions are available with ranges from 0-0.02Nm to 0-80kNm and speeds up to 10,000rpm as standard and 15,000rpm as an option.

Standard outputs are mV/V on static/reaction torque sensors and slip ring rotary types, while rotating brushless torque sensors provide ±5Vdc.

All low range torque sensor models can be supplied with analogue or digital instrumentation including amplifiers and signal conditioners, signal digitisers, displays and indicators and wireless radio telemetry equipment. Calibration traceable to UKAS standards is available on all torque transducers and systems.

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DRFN Brushless Square Drive RotaryTorque Sensor
Brushless Rotary Square Drive Torque Sensor | DRFN
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0-1Nm to 0-5000Nm
From £2,477
DRDL Dual-Range Rotary Torque Sensor
Dual-Range Rotary Torque Sensor | DRDL
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0-0.5Nm to 0-1500Nm
From £4,615
DRBK-A Rotary Torque Transducer With Display
Low Cost Rotary Torque Sensor with Display | DRBK-A
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0-0.5Nm to 0-1000Nm
From £2,341
DRBK Low Cost Rotary Torque Sensor
Low Cost Rotary Torque Sensor | DRBK
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0-0.5Nm to 0-1000Nm
From £1,480
YDSA Miniature Rotary Torque Transducer
Miniature Rotary Torque Transducer | YDSA

0-0.2Nm to 0-50Nm
From £1,459
DRVL High Accuracy Brushless Rotary Torque Transducer
Shaft type Brushless Rotary Torque Sensor | DRVL
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0-0.02Nm to 0-20kNm
From £2,501
DRWPL Rotary Waterproof Torque Sensor
Waterproof Rotary Torque Sensor | DRWPL

0-0.1Nm to 0-1500Nm
From £3,368