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    Shaft type Brushless Rotary Torque Sensor | DRVL

    Accurate and Maintenance-Free, with Built-In Signal Conditioning
    DRVL High Accuracy Brushless Rotary Torque Transducer
    DRVL Shaft type Brushless Rotary Torque Sensor with Optional Base
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    At a Glance

    • Capacities: 0-0.02Nm to 0-20kNm
    • Supply Voltage Range: 10-28.8Vdc
    • ±10Vdc Voltage Output
    • 10 kHz ± 5 kHz (RS422) Output Frequency
    • Non-Linearity: <±0.1%/Rated Capacity (<±0.05% Optional)
    • Optional Speed & Angle Outputs
    • Max Speed: 37,000 rpm (depending on capacity)
    • Customised Couplings Available
    • Maintenance-Free Thanks to its Non-Contact Technology
    • Compatible with the Previous DRFL
    • Integrated Signal Amplifier
    • PLC Compatible for Better Evaluation
    • Enhanced Overvoltage Prevention
    • Versatile 2 Standard Signals 10V and 10kHz ± 5kHz
    • Fast and Simple Installation with a Variety of Mounting Options
    • Optimum Performance Guaranteed with Specially Designed Couplings
    • Improved Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


    The DRVL non-contact torque sensor series manufactured by ETH Messtechnik in Germany builds on the existing DRFL series with some significant improvements.  Its integral signal conditioner now outputs 2 standard signals of (10V and 10kHz ± 5kHz) with a bandwidth of 200Hz as standard, while a conditioner with a 1kHz bandwidth is optional.

    The output level for speed and angle signals can now be adjusted from 5V up to 24V making it compatible with PLC acquisition units and many more evaluation devices.

    Accuracy is guaranteed to <±0.1% of the rated capacity and there are also higher accuracy versions available to <±0.05%.

    They feature extended surge tests to ensure better electromagnetic compatibility protecting the sensor from unwanted electromagnetic interference and damage.

    The DRVL series non-contact torque sensors are directly compatible with the established DRFL making installation fast and simple.  They can also be supplied with optional base and customised couplings to ensure that you achieve the best possible torque measurement whilst making the task of installation as straightforward as possible.

    Request a quotation from our technical sales team.

    ETH Approved UK Distributor Sticker

    Technical Specifications

    Product Dimensions

    DRVL Non-Contact Torque Sensor Outline Drawing
    (± 0 - ... Nm)0,10,25201501300400020
    Dimensions:(other ranges upon request; General tolerances DIN 2768-m)
    L (mm)828995110145170270320355
    B (mm)322836425688105168
    B1 (mm)24(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)--
    H (mm)4754585873104121185
    H1 (mm)14141821284452,584
    H2 (mm)22(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)--
    Ø D1 g6 (mm)3881015264570110
    Ø D2 g6 (mm)3561015264570110
    Ø D3-0,1 (mm)152732385480----
    Ø LK ± 0,1 (mmm)(→ B1/H2)3238466598----
    M1M2,5 x 5 deepM3 x 5 deepM3 x 6 deepM3 x 6 deepM4 x 8 deepM6 x 12 deepM8 x 16 deepM10 x 16 deep
    M2M2,5 x 5 deepM3 x 6 deepM3 x 6 deepM3 x 6 deepM4 x 8 deepM6 x 12 deep----
    P (DIN 6885) 1
    ----2xA3x3x142x A5x5x252x A8x7x404xA14x9x804x A20x12x100--
    Weight (g)200170340600130045001150033000
    Max RPM2000037000260001900013500790063004000

    Optional Mounting Base

    The DRVL can be offered with an optional base for a simpler assembly and installation.

    DRVL Shaft type Brushless Rotary Torque Sensor with Optional Mounting Base
    Torque Ranges0,020,0521550500200010
    (± 0 - ... Nm)0,050,12101001000300015
    Dimensions:(other ranges upon request; General tolerances DIN 2768-m)
    L (mm)828995110145170270320355
    B (mm)5660787898158208298
    B1 (mm)322836425688105168
    B2 (mm)24(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)(→ LK)----
    H (mm)7885858290172228,5316
    H1 (mm)4545454545112160215
    H2 (mm)1212151515203040
    Ø D1 g6 (mm)3881015264570110
    Ø D2 g6 (mm)3561015264570110
    Ø D3-0,1 (mm)152732385480----
    Ø LK ± 0,1 (mm)(→ B2/H3)3238456598----
    N1H8 (mm)668810101010
    N2 (mm)2,82,83,33,33,33,33,33,3
    N3 (mm)50506060606080100
    Ø Z E84455681012
    MM2,5 x 5M3 x 6M3 x 6M3 x 6M4 x 8M6 x 12----
    P (DIN 6885)
    ----2x A3x3x142x
    4x A14x9x804x
    Weight (g)400400600900160066001543
    Max RPM2000037000260001900013500790063004000


    CAD Model Files

    Our 3D models are provided in STEP format and can be viewed using FreeCAD. Other formats can be provided on request.

    The .zip file below contains a separate model for each product variant.

    Other Downloads

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